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today is brought to you by the number 6 1

today is brought to you by the number 6

The moon is currently at 60 percent illuminated…there are 6 days left until the full moon….and it’s 66 degrees out!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sixes!! 😉 So what does the number six represent? The meaning of SIX: Six...

wolf dreams 28

What wolf symbolizes in your dream

They say that everything in a dream is a symbol of meaning for something…depending on who you ask however, you can get a different response. Dreaming of a wolf is just as complicated.  The wolf can be a dream symbol for many...

Vampire bat art 864

Vampires Signs

Vampire Symbology What are common symbols associated with Vampires? Bats No reflections in the mirror Speed holy water crucifixes The nightime Fangs Claws Blood Not being able to be out in the sun Coffins mind reading immortality garlic Vampires must be have...