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Michael Jackson thriller werewolf toy 3

Michael Jackson Cosbaby werewolf

Michael Jackson is a mini werewolf toy that stands 3 inches tall! The Jackson Thriller toy is  created under an official license by Hot Toys from Hong Kong. This version is one of the 6 designs in the Mini Cosbaby Michael Jackson toy...

werewolf action figure 1

werewolf action figure

This is an edition of the werewolf action figure released for the movie The Wolfman. Although the toy does not bend at the knees his legs do move, along with the arms, wrists, and head. His accessories includes a cane that might...

Stereotype of the werewolf in toy 28

Stereotype of the werewolf in toy

For some reason there is a myth or stereotype out there that a non-transformed werewolf in human form looks something like a lumber jack.  Plaid/flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beard.  Why?!  I imagine it’s probably because wolves are often seen in forests, and...