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New Twilight Eclipse Trailer 5

New Twilight Eclipse Trailer

The newest Twilight Eclipse trailer has been released today! Here it is. It shows alot more the the last trailer that was released, a whole army of vampires, the werewolf pack, and of course Edward and Bella. The movie comes out June...

New Moon Werewolf Transformation 7

New Moon Werewolf Transformation

Most werewolf fans are highly critical of werewolf transformation scenes in movies. For the record, to date, one of the best scenes ever is still the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London.  The movie New Moon has attempted to have...

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer 3

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer

Here’s the original trailer for the 1956 picture “Werewolf”. The depiction of the werewolf is old-fashioned and antiquated, showing a man entirely covered in fur…more similar to the Wolf Man than a true werewolf.

New Cloverfield Trailer with official title today! 3

New Cloverfield Trailer with official title today!

So there’s this new (horror? or thriller?) movie coming out called Cloverfield, and to great hype, the new trailer for the Cloverfield movie is being released today!  It’s also known as 1-18-08.  It’s pretty top secret, and even the website 1-18-08 is vague, with...

Superbad -comedy in theaters! 0

Superbad -comedy in theaters!

Superbad is in theaters today!! Superbad comes from the same people who brought us the comedy Knocked-Up, so if you enjoyed Knocked-up then you may like this one! Im looking forward to seeing Superbad, looks like it might be pretty good comedy...

Skinwalkers – In Theaters! Slow at box office. 4

Skinwalkers – In Theaters! Slow at box office.

What was it about the new SkinWalkers movie that made it perform poorly at the box office? I have yet to see it (but will soon) 😉 Why did I/You not see it on opening weekend? lack of t.v. advertising (in my...