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TV Show about werewolves called Howl 12

TV Show about werewolves called Howl

Another TV show about werewolves is in the works!  And, unlike Vampire Diaries, or Being Human, this TV show is supposed to really focus on werewolves!  The TV show is going to be called “Howl”.  It’s currently in development between FOX and...

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer 3

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer

Here’s the original trailer for the 1956 picture “Werewolf”. The depiction of the werewolf is old-fashioned and antiquated, showing a man entirely covered in fur…more similar to the Wolf Man than a true werewolf.

Teen Wolf Remake 3

Teen Wolf Remake

A Teen Wolf remake!? Yes, we posted a rumor back in 2007, and now it’s cropping up again… TV is trying to make the werewolf the the new vampire! The most recent news is that a remake of Teen Wolf is in...

Vampire Diaries TV Show 9

Vampire Diaries TV Show

A new vampire tv show is due out on the CW September 10, and it’s called Vampire Diaries. A webisode of it is below. I think Being Human looks way better (and at least it includes a werewolf!), but I’m willing to...