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Fringe Transformation 2

Fringe Transformation

Tonight the show Fringe was about a couple of people that were infected by a virus that caused them to transform….the monster that they transformed into didn’t look like a werewolf, but the idea seems very similar.

National Dog Show Results – Thanksgiving 1

National Dog Show Results – Thanksgiving

Well everybody, the National Dog Show aired on Thanksgiving like it normally does. For those of you who love dogs, this is probably a Thanksgiving tradition for you and your pet! The dog show is presented by Purina and. For those of...

National Dog Show Happy Thanksgiving! 2

National Dog Show Happy Thanksgiving!

If you need something to do while you’re waiting for the turkey, turn on the National Dog Show! It comes on right after the Thanksgiving Day parade. You’ll find the dog show from 12pm – 2pm CST on your local station. John...

i-caught on abc 3

i-caught on abc

Somebody had told me about this video they saw from the t.v. show i-caught on abc of some lions who attack a buffalo and crocodile tries to take the buffalo away. The video was caught on YouTube and has like 8million views!...