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surprise inside 22

Monster in the House – VOTE for what happens next!!

There was something different about tonight. At midnight everything would change and the darkness which had been hanging over the house would find its way inside.  The house, which had seen itself through tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes knew that what was coming...

Werewolves had nothing to do with this 2

Werewolves had nothing to do with this

Hi Everybody, I want to interrupt this blog for a minute to ask you to vote for our short 3 minute movie on Chiller Werewolves had nothing to do with this. Please help us by giving us a thumbs up vote! 🙂...

Horror Film Contest 0

Horror Film Contest

Chiller TV released their contest to the public! The Task?! To produce and direct a short horror film within 5-8 minutes in length! Prizes will be given! The main prize being that the short will be broadcast on Chiller TV Halloween night!...