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Big Bang Theory debates if Werewolves can Swim 0

Big Bang Theory debates if Werewolves can Swim

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is obsessed with werewolves! In Episode 13, Season 8 of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon interrupts the girls who are sitting drinking wine and talking and tries to figure out what “girl talk” actually is. Somehow in his...

Holy Water vs. werewolves 29

Holy Water vs. werewolves

Holy water is a common symbol often used in novels and movies to ward off both vampires and werewolves. The truth however is that holy water is not effective on werewolves. If you think about the fact that lycanthropy can actually be...

werewolf and water 24

werewolf and water

Is the werewolf afraid of water? In the general sense of being “afraid,” no, werewolves are not afraid of water. You may find one scampering ¬†through the banks of a river or lake. A werewolf in werewolf form is not a swimmer,...