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Strangest wolf ever – the Maned Wolf!

Actually, despite it’s name, the maned wolf is not actually a wolf – it has its own genus – Chrysocyon….and it probably should be in a class of its own, as it is one of the oddest looking animals you’ll ever see...

Which is real man-eating sponges or werewolves? 0

Which is real man-eating sponges or werewolves?

Which one of these creatures are not accepted as being “real” by scientists? 1. Pink dolphins 2. Transparent fish 3. Goats that climb trees 4. Fish with teeth like humans 5. Glass Frogs 6. Flying snakes 7. Meat-eating sea sponges 8. 3...

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Real werewolf caught on tape!!??

Could this video be evidence of a real werewolf in human form caught on tape? How much real footage of werewolves is really out there? And could you recognize a real one in human form if you ever saw one? Get a...