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Halloween Costume Werewolf Hair

If you’re trying to complete a costume for halloween, there is one item that you’ll need whether you have a homemade werewolf costume or a store-bought werewolf costume – werewolf hair! If you’re wanting to be a more traditional (as far as...

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halloween homemade

Halloween homemade werewolf costumes. I found a pretty cool article of how a mother would make a home made Halloween werewolf costume for her son. Should be pretty inexpensive to create this Halloween costume, unless you don’t have an old pair of...

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Werewolf costumes, masks -it’s almost Halloween!

I was checking around for Halloween masks and costumes today, something werewolf that I might like to dress up as for the yearly Halloween costume contest at work. There are loads of Halloween masks to go through, enough werewolf ones too. I’m...