Teen Wolf Premieres on MTV June 5

Well, it’s finally here! MTV is about to release Teen Wolf! Set to premiere on MTV on June 5, 2011, it’s going to be a TV series, and is going to be completely different from the 1980s Michael J. Fox “Teen Wolf” we’re all familiar with. The show will focus around high school student Scott McCall (played by actor Tyler Posey) and his struggle to come to terms with his “cursed” (or not so cursed) werewolf side. Where Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf was fun and comedic, MTV’s version of Teen Wolf promises a completely different side – dark, sexy, and they say gory as well! It’s unclear whether or not fans of the movie are going to like this reboot. But what is clear is that werewolves are going to be taking center stage on the small screen finally! Hopefully MTV will do werewolves justice! I know I’m ready to tune in. Teen Wolf will premiere Sunday June 5, 2011 after the MTV Movie Awards.



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