Happy Friday Everyone!!

Are you happy it’s Friday?  I am!! Don’t know what to do?  Here are 3 things to do tonight!!

1.  There’s no school or work tomorrow so feel free to submit to your nocturnal instincts and enjoy the life of the night! We’re safely out of the last full moon, so there shouldn’t be any harm in calling a friend or two! 😉

2.  If you can’t get outdoors because of weather (or to many humans), then how about something indoors? How about a good werewolf movie?  Or perhaps a vampire movie?

3.  It’s the start of the end of the summer, so time to start thinking ahead – to October! Use tonight to practice making some werewolf cupcakes  so that when Halloween comes, they’re absolutely perfect! (Also, who doesn’t want a cupcake right about now! I know I do! 🙂




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2 Responses

  1. this girl says:

    i love that it is friday

  2. RebeccaGoldentail says:

    Yesterday was fun.

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