Thanksgiving Zombie Walk

“We should all be thankful we have a human to eat.”

A quote from a walking zombie in the first ever Queens Thanksgiving Zombie walk which took place in Astoria, New York on November 19, 2011. During the Queens Thanksgiving zombie walk, hundreds of people turned themselves into zombies and stumbled down the street searching not for turkey, but for brains and human flesh.  Ahhh…Thanksgiving… what a festive time of year. 😉

Zombie Walk Facts!….did you knowzombie walk

  • there are “pub crawl” zombie walks?
  • one possible adverse side effect that locals complain about after zombie walks is “zombie gore”
  • there is a “World Zombie Day” which happens each October
  • zombie walks can bring anywhere from a couple of hundred to several thousand zombies into the streets of your local neighborhood
  • the earliest recorded zombie walk was in Sacramento, California in 2001


2011 Thanksgiving Queens Zombie Walk Footage:



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