the Brahmaparusha

In India, the Brahmaparusha is the name of a type of vampire that brings nightmares to those that know of them. Their appearance is much to blame, as it is said that they wear human intestines around their head! The grotesque display is meant as a form of “bragging”, showing anyone that dares look at him his awful power.

This vampire is not to be mistaken as having any type of soft spot of kindness for humanity, as it is designed to terrify and then consume humans. Besides the costume of intestines, it also enjoys devouring brains, giving it the fearsome nickname the “brain-eating-vampire”. In addition, the Brahmaparusha is a bit of a showman, and when it is thirsty does not like to simply suck blood from a human neck, but rather will fill a skull with blood and drink directly from the skull – further enhancing its terrifying appearance and actions.

While normal vampires can be warded off with skulls and holy water, there is no known defense against the the Brahmaparusha.



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