The Cold One – vampire fact or fiction?

Who started calling Vampires Cold Ones?

While werewolves and vampires have alot in common, one big difference between the two is their skin temperature.  While werewolves are warm to the touch, vampires are icy cold.  In recent years, vampires have even earned the nickname “The Cold One” thanks to this characteristic.  But Hollywood has also had alot to do with the recent popularity of calling vampires “Cold Ones”.  In fact, the nickname has been further popularized by the Twilight movies – specifically, in one movie scene, the character Bella does research on vampires and comes up with a website that talks about “The Cold One”. From there, vampires became synonymous with cold ones.  But, was the nickname used before the Twilight movies came out?

Vampire Fact

It would appear that yes, vampires have had this nickname for quite a while. There is not however any specific legends that talk about “The Cold One” using that exact wording as plainly as Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight would make it seem.  It seems that the closest reference to vampires as “The Cold One” before Meyer’s movie came out can be found in Native American legends. The book Vampire Universe by Jonathan Maberry says that you can find a reference to “The Cold One”  in the Maliseet-Passamaquoddy  Native American tribe legends through their belief in a creature called Apotamkin – a “cold one” similar to a vampire.  Many people therefore believe that possibly the original saying “Cold One” is derived from this vampire-creature Apotamkin.



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32 Responses

  1. Aconissa says:

    Wow, I always thought it was just a name form Twilight.
    You can find out more about different vamps from different cultures at *edited
    And just to say, Jonathan Maberry also wrote the novelization of The Wolfman, which is brilliant

  2. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    Haha twilight makes me gag. I have no problems with vamps. But sparkley? Tsk tsk. I’ve found alot of native american stories concerning lycans to be pretty cool, like on the origins on werewolves. Like how the first werewolf was a guy who had two mean wives, who tryed to kill him by making him fall into a pit. The Wolf found him in the pit, and called the other animals, and said he’d make the man part wolf to heal him, and the man would look like him since he found the man first.

    • Lunar says:

      Native American legends are always quite fascinating. As are Ancient Egyptian legends and myths.

    • Aconissa says:

      I just read about that story! In a book which I think EVERYONE who loves werewolves should read, because it’s so fascinating. It’s called the Book Of Were-Wolves, and it was written at the turn of the century (19th to 20th, not 20th to 21st) by a guy named Sabine Baring-Gould. Totally worth reading.

    • Lunar says:

      I will definitely have to check it out when I go into Books A Million next time. I’m always up for a good book. Though.. to be honest with you, I need to find a place for the ones I got. I could literally make a library with as many as I have *sigh*

    • Aconissa says:

      Hah I totally get you. I just threw out a tonne of my old books (oh, the pain!) because I bought a lot of new ones. I have a list of over 60 books which I have to read. They take up most of one of my shelves.

    • Lunar says:

      I always end up keeping the ones I really enjoy thinking I will eventually want to read them again. Unfortunately that ends up with me collecting more books than I have shelves.

    • Aconissa says:

      Totally same here.

  3. Aconissa says:

    @The Wolfcub Kid: That’s an interesting story. Native American culture is really fascinating.

  4. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    Ha, for years since i found out i was part blackfoot i’ve researched tribal myths, along with greek and egyption, even some chinese. Not all myths concerning werewolves but maybe one day i can find a parallel in most that can really explain how we came to be what we are. It feels good to finally be able to admit what i am. Maybe i can find a pack eventually too.

  5. Greyr Storm - Lunar is MISS ILWS 2010 says:

    well i am human and lunar shhh… dont tell them anything lol XD beware the path of darkness! woot woot! me love being human.. its fun cause well… the expectancy of people about you is normal or lower but when we humans go up then bam!!!!! he gets hit and a twist and a boom! and a boom! and a boom!!!!!!! i love that word… and also… Lunar… please post as many good posts as you can in this site cause… well… i’m 3rd on the werewolf elite list and its so creepy I don’t like ending up on top!!!! resistance will prevail XD

    • Lunar says:

      Lol, you don’t scare me on the darkness part, but I have no reason to say what you wish not to be said. Boom!!! I still say you remind me of Gir when you go through hyper fits. :/ lol and sorry bud, I have been preoccupied with things as of late, so I haven’t been on to post a thing in quite some time. Better now?

    • ooohhh mk. XD but at least try to see in the dark so that you wont trip mlol XD

    • Lunar says:

      I have good vision in the dark, so no worries

  6. WaterfallWolf says:

    Hey guys what have I missed I haven’t been on lately personal reasons. Feel kinda energized lately. My cuts are killing me as well as my family lol.

  7. Somnium says:

    Damn, it’s f****** freazing

  8. Somnium says:

    Anybody seen lee?

  9. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    @waterwolf I’m new here so idk what you’ve missed. I know what you mean about cuts and family though. I got clawed by something pretty good but i cant remember what.

  10. Aconissa says:

    Yeah, lee ann’s been gone forever. I wonder where she went 🙁

  11. Jennifer says:

    Have any of you guys read the vampire academy series… their my favorite series

  12. Kelly (just is) says:

    I have not, i’ve grown weary of most modern vampire-based teen fiction books. They’re more stereotypical nonsense and are very repeditive and unoriginal.

  13. kamile says:

    i love twilite

  14. vampwannabe says:

    if i was a werewolf id go to a club wearin a (xxxxxxxl) tshirt sayin i has da hair illness :@

  15. Lee Ann says:

    Someone give me a damage report… Site itself is still looking good good job guys!

  16. Astute Newt says:

    Why thank you, it seems reptile has left, as has shadow hunter and lonewolf123

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