Who started calling Vampires Cold Ones?

While werewolves and vampires have alot in common, one big difference between the two is their skin temperature.  While werewolves are warm to the touch, vampires are icy cold.  In recent years, vampires have even earned the nickname “The Cold One” thanks to this characteristic.  But Hollywood has also had alot to do with the recent popularity of calling vampires “Cold Ones”.  In fact, the nickname has been further popularized by the Twilight movies – specifically, in one movie scene, the character Bella does research on vampires and comes up with a website that talks about “The Cold One”. From there, vampires became synonymous with cold ones.  But, was the nickname used before the Twilight movies came out?

Vampire Fact

It would appear that yes, vampires have had this nickname for quite a while. There is not however any specific legends that talk about “The Cold One” using that exact wording as plainly as Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight would make it seem.  It seems that the closest reference to vampires as “The Cold One” before Meyer’s movie came out can be found in Native American legends. The book Vampire Universe by Jonathan Maberry says that you can find a reference to “The Cold One”  in the Maliseet-Passamaquoddy  Native American tribe legends through their belief in a creature called Apotamkin – a “cold one” similar to a vampire.  Many people therefore believe that possibly the original saying “Cold One” is derived from this vampire-creature Apotamkin.