the encantado – shapeshifting dolphins

Some call them the Encantado, some call them weredolphins…some call them the dolphin people…others just call them shapeshifting dolphins.  🙂

The term “encantado” is used to describe them all!  The word is used mainly by Brazilians and other South Americans to describe a certain dolphin that lives in the Amazon River and is belived to have the ability to transform into a human.  In dolphin form, the creature takes on the appearance of the Boto dolphin, which is a very large freshwater river dolphin (it’s also sometimes called the Amazon River Dolphin), which, interestingly enough their skin can appear to be pink, and they are therefore often called “Pink Dolphins”.  Another interesting thing about these dolphins is that they are considered the most intelligent of the river dolphins (which are different from ocean dolphins).

WHEN they transform:  It is believed that this dolphin can shapeshift into human form, and prefers to do so at night.

WHERE they go when shifted:  You have the best chance of seeing them shapeshift next to the river…and especially if there is a party nearby.  It is said that the encantado love parties, and will shapeshift into human form to attend one!

WHAT they look like in human form:  It is said that, when in human form, the dolphin people are very pale skinned, and sometimes even still have their blowhole (an easy way to identify them).  They most often take on the appearance of handsome men.  They move gracefully, love music (both listening to it and performing), they love to dance, they love to flirt (and are considered very flirtatious), and it is also said that they prefer to dress in lively, brightly-colored clothes.  They also often wear hats.

“POWERS” of the encantado – Legends say that these shapeshifters can hypnotize or control humans, and are often compared to vampires in that regard.  It is also said that they can control weather storms!



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4 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    This reminds me of the short story I have read amonth ago.

    The story was narrated by adlaw(sun god). The story centers around young children who were forced to work in a hard labor. They fish 12 hours a day and when they did not caught one, they were often not fed overnight.

    One day, while working one of the kids prayed to adlaw to get them out of this ship and the mean crews who did nothing but to relax. Adlaw heard her prayers and flash them with bright rays of light. The captain and the crews were horrified when they did not see the children anymore.

    After several minutes, several dolphins surface on the water and started laughing and splashing on the water. The crews and captains were surprised at what they saw. Then the dolphins swam away from the ship laughing and playing under the rays of Adlaw.

    The story was entitled “Ang pagdating ng Adlaw” (The arrival of the sun god).

  2. she wolf says:

    Here’s another story for werewolves lovers. The writer of the story above and this story were only one person. Though this is not a horror story.

    This story is how a werewolf views a human like how we view them. It’s a good story though and you will relize that not all werewolves were cruel.

  3. she wolf says:

    The title of the story(above) is “Ang kamatayan ng lobo” (The werewolve’s death).

  4. Nadia says:

    Another part of the lore says that the “encantado” likes to seduce woman and get them pregnant, people at amazon river area tell that if a woman is at her fertile period and enter near the river boto (in dolphin form) will appear.
    PS: I´’m Brazilian and this story its from the northern(I’m from the southern, where there is no boto dolphins but we have werewolf stories) because of the strong European immigration).

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