The Evil Horror Clown

For some reason clowns have become very popular in the horror genre. The evil horror clown shows up in various horror – and non horror movies. There’s just something about the makeup, and the way the face is hidden away behind a fake smile mask that is scary….there can be any kind of evil mind behind the clown mask! Who knows if it’s the smile of a nice clown or a horror clown!

I’m not quite sure where the horror clown started, but surely one of the most famous clowns for horror fans is Pennywise from the Stephen King novel It. The evil clown can also be found in the Dean Koontz novel Life Expectancy. Another memorable scary clown is the Joker from Batman…though this is not a horror movie, there is no denying that he is evil, and kind of scary!

There is also an urban legend about the clown…it basically goes along the lines of a girl that’s babysitting some kids, the parents call the babysitter to check on her, and she says everything’s fine, but that clowns scare her, can she cover up the one in the bedroom? The parents tell her to get out of the house fast, because they don’t have a clown.
Really not scared of clowns?



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  1. lonewolf123 says:

    Rel clowns arent scary, but clown STATUES… REAL SCARY. my great grandmother has a whole bunch of them right next to you when you enter the kitchen. It is INCREDIBLY FREAKY.

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