The full moon and the werewolf

Does the full moon cause the werewolf to transform into a creature of terror? The answer may be -no. The full moon may not cause transformation, transformation is most likely “timed” to be close to the cycle of the full moon, but transformation during the full moon is merely coincidence. While the full moon does not “activate” transformation it does however have an effect on the human/werewolf. The full moon does alter the werewolf’s “attitude” and will often make him either more violent or less “active.” It has an effect on his attitude and how and when he will react to things, the werewolf is not “transformed” every time the full moon rises, but when it does happen it will create a “different” attitude of the werewolf. It could go in either direction, he may want to be less social or more social, it varies, and it will also vary on how violent the werewolf may get. Relating the time of transformation to the werewolf’s “attitude is important



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12 Responses

  1. manuel says:

    i was wondering what is a were wolf was in love with a human?

  2. Dave steadman says:

    i am a werewolf, and i had scientists playwith my dna mixing wolf dna with it and adding there blood to mine. i have extreme agresion but i have fallin in love and i am trying to fight my instincts so i can be with her i will protect her. anyways the moon has a big effect on me i shave like all people do but when it get closer to the full moon my body hair gets darker and thick i would shave the next day and it comes back faster i am not the same as the ones on here but alot of the same things apply feel free to catch me on Lord Zagarath is what u type in

  3. night-fang says:

    after a while you can control the shift and aply it to when u want to

    and as to your question manuel yes but u have to be shure that the person u love will accept u even thow u r what u r

  4. konno12moto says:

    but what if you love some one that dose not belive in that stuff yet they are your soul mate for life what then?

  5. @Dave steadman: you would have died your immune system would make your organs shut down.

  6. ismail says:

    I don’t know behaviour of alpha….
    I love to tran them as member of family..
    According to me these kind of animals r want to live happy away from humans.
    WOLVES r afraid of humans they think that humans r dangereous.they love to live nd hunt with grup.
    I want more information about wolves plz mail matter to my id…..

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @ismail: Speak. English.

  8. nathan says:

    we are real

  9. nathan says:

    we are real
    in this world

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  1. November 1, 2008

    […] you can’t see a werewolf on a day other than a full moon there’s plenty of info on werewolf transformations on dates other than the full moon that prove otherwise, but new ones especially will transform on […]

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