the good werewolf is the human half

Anything that is good within the werewolf is most definitely human. I do not believe that humans retain consciousness when transformed into werewolf form, but many of the werewolf readers do, so, I will take into consideration a couple of the points brought to my attention.

The first argument is if whether there are good werewolves or not. I believe not, but, if there were “good” werewolves it would mean that while transformed into the werewolf he would be conscious on his human level and aware that he is, she is, in werewolf form. If this were true, it would also be true that his human “side” would be making the decisions for his “werewolf body;” it would mean that the human is controlling the werewolf and that any ethical or moral decisions that were being made, are technically, being made by the human. The human controlling the werewolf in werewolf form would be something unique, if he/she was werewolf and knew of this fact he would have a whole new set of powers before him. There would eventually be some sort of werewolf superhero to help humanity (which is my next point). We all know that with all of the werewolves on earth one would eventually stand to this noble cause. But in the end, when all is said and done about the werewolf, I do not believe this is possible. I do not believe that the werewolf in werewolf form would ever understand humans and our needs. A werewolf without consciousness of being human would not know how to help us, protect us, or defend us…this type of werewolf is the werewolf of fiction.



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  1. Sabrefang says:

    I am back to my wolfish self hehe

  2. Suki says:

    tea i neaded to take a nap im better now

  3. Suki says:

    sabre i have a couple Q’s what did u mean by Suki what happend befor wont happen agenn

  4. Suki says:

    i guse i will ask you later then

  5. Suki says:

    any one here any 1

  6. Ookami says:

    It would be nice to be part of something big, but I guess that the biggest thing in my life is my mission in finding a pack. A wolf isn’t whole without a pack.

  7. Astianax half demon of light says:

    not really the human half. there are times that the wolf half is much more good than that of a humans.

  8. Astianax half demon of light says:

    but then again, i agree on the part that the human half is the good part. since i am too a half demon. i get my caring part in the human.

  9. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    here again you are wrong, humans have turned this world upside down and tossed it into chaos.. if your really half demon then you would know that Lucifer is not ‘evil’. Demons are serene, divine, the Original Gods of the Earth.. Humans are currently lost in the Right Hand Path religions, mind washed into believe false doctrines. The only reason, i believe, that much of the population is not Satanic or any other branch of ‘paganism’ is because the christians have herded them all and made them believe that rejoycing in daily pleasure of the self are ‘sinful’. And for your ‘sins’ you will rot in hell for eterntiy, where as hell is not so much a place but a concept, as is jerusalem (another topic for another conversation). Lucifer stands forself-empowerment, instead of waiting on some fictional being to come save us from our sins.. Hell is more so a resting place, where we wait to be reincarnated, or brought to paradise.. so in short, humans are indeed NOT the good half…

  10. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    wow after reading my old comments from last year, i realize how much i have grown personally in the last year.. It’s hocking to see i was so insecure..

  11. Unnamed says:

    the reason a werewolf possibly could be angry is A. your on its territory B.its hungry

  12. black wolf says:

    really good werewolfs wold never help coumunity because the goverment would do experements on him/her so they lay low forever i should know my freinds one.

  13. Argharna Welyn says:

    if only i were one i hope i get attacked so i can transform.

  14. Hunni says:

    in theory you wouldnt have to be attacked if you found one and took its blood you could just inject your self. A lot less painful….. Just saying

  15. Hunni says:

    dont try it i mean if its not a ‘werewolf’ then your just putting random wolf blood in you and thats not good.

  16. ILiekPizza says:

    @Unnamed: A. I would agree, especially if the person was unwelcomed. B. Not so much. If you flat out piss a werewolf off make sure you mean no offense.

  17. Um hey guys first of all yes there are good werewolves out there good ones protect every being from Any bad ones or powerheads

  18. Oh Btw also no or humans have Nothibg what so ever about our desicion to protect it comes from its just what we do any bad powerheads out there need to be taken care of otherwise there will always be choas and there would be not many werewolves left ad the bad ones and powerheads wood have hurt them killed them used then for slavery

  19. Scout says:

    Omg peole. Werewolves are only evil if you are evil. They can change there emotions just like people. I should know.

  20. Midnight says:

    THIS IS POSSIBLE! I am proof of it.

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