the good werewolf is the human half

Anything that is good within the werewolf is most definitely human. I do not believe that humans retain consciousness when transformed into werewolf form, but many of the werewolf readers do, so, I will take into consideration a couple of the points brought to my attention.

The first argument is if whether there are good werewolves or not. I believe not, but, if there were “good” werewolves it would mean that while transformed into the werewolf he would be conscious on his human level and aware that he is, she is, in werewolf form. If this were true, it would also be true that his human “side” would be making the decisions for his “werewolf body;” it would mean that the human is controlling the werewolf and that any ethical or moral decisions that were being made, are technically, being made by the human. The human controlling the werewolf in werewolf form would be something unique, if he/she was werewolf and knew of this fact he would have a whole new set of powers before him. There would eventually be some sort of werewolf superhero to help humanity (which is my next point). We all know that with all of the werewolves on earth one would eventually stand to this noble cause. But in the end, when all is said and done about the werewolf, I do not believe this is possible. I do not believe that the werewolf in werewolf form would ever understand humans and our needs. A werewolf without consciousness of being human would not know how to help us, protect us, or defend us…this type of werewolf is the werewolf of fiction.



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3,600 Responses

  1. Cecil says:

    Or maybe he might. What do we do I can’t hurt im while he’s in Alice’s body.

  2. Sabrewing says:

    Cecil you have been granted freedom, choose wisely it is Sabrewings choice to give it to you

  3. Sabrewing says:

    Your task is to be her guardian

  4. Cecil says:

    What am I supposed to do about, Alice?

  5. Sabrewing says:

    Cecil know that the council watches over you and so do I

  6. Sabrewing says:

    You will know when the time is right Cecil

  7. Cecil says:

    I will guard her but I cannot get Jared out.

  8. Sabrewing says:

    We know this we planned it that way, Sabrewing planned it that way, you will know soon enough

  9. Cecil says:

    Sabrewing, I know exactly what you mean…

  10. Cecil says:

    That is not Sabrewing.

  11. Sabrewing says:

    Sabrewing is truly the one who can finally save it all. We are proud of him he, has survived some of the worst tortures, he will survive.

  12. Cecil says:

    She’s in a very pissy mood with Jared. She has him on a short leashe no she has his neck between her fists

  13. Cecil says:

    Then who are you?

  14. Sabrewing says:

    Sorry they needed to talk. Yes you will know when the time is right and I will let you know soon. There is still much work to be done

  15. Sabrewing says:

    That was someone from The Council

  16. Cecil says:

    Is Jenn in the council?

  17. Sabrewing says:

    As I said I was created for this but I was born for it as well. I did have a choice, I could have refused to save everything. But I will not live with guilt of such weight on my shoulders.

  18. Cecil says:

    So, what now?

  19. Sabrewing says:

    No this is not The Council you think of. This is from the creators of all

  20. Cecil says:

    I know the feeling…

  21. Sabrewing says:

    So now you must be patient while I formulate a plan.

  22. Cecil says:

    Alice feels sheated out on since she can’t leave.

  23. Sabrewing says:

    Cecil you play a big role in all this that is why I saw you in my vision

  24. Sabrewing says:

    She has every right to feel cheated she is being forced, she deserves freedom and I will give it to her soon

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