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Werewolf Readers,

The truth is that there are some facts that go into these Hollywood werewolf stars. I am not here to tell you that all movies ever made about werewolves come from fact, but that SOME information you get from the films are in fact true. There are countless amount of hours that go into the writing of werewolf films, sooo many of these hours go into researching the werewolves to try to make them as realistic as possible. Of course you also have some of the same werewolf movies that do not do any research at all and just want to produce something to their own imagination. Whichever the case may be, I urge all of you to take a second look when watching a werewolf movie and try to spot some “truths” to the werewolves of Hollywood, things that stay true to what the werewolf may actually be. In fact there may be only one small piece of truth throughout a two hour movie, or no truth at all, we should all try process this information and gather it to be able to decide who may be closes to the truth about the werewolf in movies.

Many of you werewolf readers have this information…please share with us; tell us what you think is the truth or myth about the movie and the werewolf within it…

Also Readers, do not misinterpret what I am stating, I am not agreeing with the Hollywood Films. I am not saying that these Hollywood werewolves are “right.” I am not saying that we should believe these movies. What I am saying is that we should dig through the information in the movies that have been made about werewolves and determine who is the closest to the truth about werewolves.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Interesting facts about werewolves

  2. Yes!
    Hi Luka Firyx!

  3. Looking at different articles about werewolves…

  4. Luka Firyx says:

    I have an Idea!!! can you put one of those chat boxes on here so that way we dont have to reload?

  5. Sabre says:

    Personally I liked Blood and Chocolate, not saying that it’s the closest because I still don’t understand…well, almost all of this(still new to being one) but B&C was pretty much the one I see to be the least far fetched, for one they portray the werewolves as REAL wolves, not a big furry leftover from the Chewbacca costume store.

  6. haha.. I thought we had one around here. I’ll talk to Buddy to see what she can do.

  7. I liked Blood and Chocolate too, It was kind of relaxing to watch… not sure why though. Maybe because there wasn’t too much blood shed.

  8. Sabre says:

    Hey Luka, I’m at a friends house for the next half hour or so so I can actually LOAD this site each time 🙂

  9. Luka Firyx says:

    werent you howard, sabre?

  10. Sabre says:

    Connection at where I’m staying is being leached from upstairs and even though I have an external antennae with an extension the max I get is about 25% connectivity, and that connectivity is built on a cheap internet provider in the first place(not to mention that I’m in Israel).

  11. Luka Firyx says:

    srry getting upset, my cousin keeps calling me a mutt. I am not a mutt I am a hybrid!!

  12. Sabre says:

    I’ve explained this before I was Anonymous, Howard(Jarlath) gave me permission to use the name because he doesn’t anymore, no I am not him I am a newly found werewolf and have used the name Sabre on many occasions so I asked.

  13. Luka Firyx says:

    do you have msn?
    if you do add me at [email protected]

  14. white werepire steven says:

    we never fal in love w/ the humans they always find a way 2 hurt us

  15. like with their sharp teeth!

  16. white werepire steven says:

    huh humans sharp teeth wat were the ones w/ the sharp teeth not the humans

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