The Howling Man

Those that howl are not always werewolves!  But sometimes you might just wish that they were.  The Twilight Zone episode The Howling Man illustrates this point.

The Howling Man is about a man that hears howling.  When he goes to try to finds out where or who the howling is coming from, he finds a mysterious man locked up as a prisoner.  Who is the howling man??

Here’s the full episode of The Howling Man for you to watch! Enjoy!



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4 Responses

  1. Love that episode of the Twilight Zone. Well, actually I love 90% of Twilight Zone’s episodes.

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    hiya guys! i iz thinking about writing a book ( i do not know if i can do it, i am far to restless). its about a 14-year old boy named Monti that goes hiking with his girlfriend, Sabrina, and while hiking up a hill 120 feet high, she slips and falls. he climbs down after her, then he gets lost in the forest. he climbs into a tree to look for a path, and finds a garnet ring. when it is 8:30, he decides to find somewhere to sleep. he finds a ditch and scrunches together to keep from getting hypothermia. he wakes up at about 10:30 with a pack of 4 werewolves surrounding him. they attack him and he barely escapes with only a bite on his forearm and scratches. thinking that the ring is a bad look charm, he hides it in a tiny bug sized nook, and covers it. he runs through the forest as fast as he can, only to be caught by the werewolves again. he finds out since he was bitten, he was now a werewolf. he begins to live with the pack and learned that they were going to kill him for the ring as of it had the power to

  3. lonewolf123 says:

    Wipe out all the vampires in the area, because the vampires want to wipe out all werewolves… for good. since he forgot the rings location, the werewolves set out to find the ring, fighting vampires on the way. when monti finds out that sabrina was blooded into a vampire, he wants to stop the search. but if he abandons the search, the werewoLves threaten to kill him. he sets out on a quest to find the answers.

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    Does that sound good, guys? and be truthful =). make the eweven yor ol werewolf pupi, hapy, kay?

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