The invisible mask for halloween?

Did you know there really is a halloween invisible mask? And this mask is pretty easy to make yourself for halloween. (Homemade invisible mask you ask? Yes!). Basically, the invisible mask is a full halloween costume (not really just an invisible mask), which includes a long black cape with a hood covering the head. When you wear the cape, and put up the hood, a black piece of fabric covers your face, making it look like there is noone wearing the hood!

It’s a good halloween costume if you want to be “death” or maybe even a ghoul of some kind. I’ve seen the invisible mask on sale at halloween shops for around $10, or if you’re feeling it, you can make a homemade costume version pretty easily – you’ll just need lots of black cloth. Pretty simple halloween costume, with a great effect! How many times can you be invisible?



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2 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Sold out! where else can i get this?

  2. Buddy says:

    Sold out because it’s a good price probably! Why are you waiting so long to get a costume?! Spirit Halloween has some invisible choices. Or you can find that same mask at Costumes 4 Less here for about $1 more than the one in my blog entry.

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