The NeverEnding Story Werewolf Gmork

The Never Ending Story werewolf gmork

Gmork the werewolf from The Never Ending Story

In the movie and novel the Neverending Story there is a werewolf!!  His name is Gmork, and although he is not officially dubbed “werewolf” in the book or film, he is fairly similar to one – a wolf-like creature with huge fangs and the ability to talk. Gmork is however considered “evil” and is called a “creature of darkness” intended to scare humans.  This creature has certainly done its role to help human children be afraid of werewolves.

For those of you who never watched or read the Neverending Story, let me give you a brief synopsis.

The story is about a boy named Bastian who steals a book  called the Neverending Story.  Bastian starts reading the book in the attic of the school and is soon deep in the world of Fantasia.  Fantasia is about to be destroyed by a creature called “The Nothing”.  One person stands in its way however – a boy warrior named Atreyu who is Bastian’s age.  Atreyu has a magic medallion that guides him.

The Never Ending Story

never ending story

Atreyu goes through many trials and obstacles in his mission to stop The Nothing.  The Nothing, recognizing Atreyu as a threat, sends the creature called Gmork to defeat the warrior.  Gmork is described as a wolf-like creature who is covered in fur, has huge fangs, and talks.  Through Atreyu’s journeys, Gmork appears to be quite evil, and follows him, attempting to thwart him at every turn, before finally having one final battle with Atreyu in his mission to stop him.  Eventually Atreyu is able to reach an Oracle to find out what must be done to stop The Nothing.  The Oracle declares that the empress of Fantasia (who appears as a little girl), must be given a new name by a human child.

If you have never seen the Neverending Story, go and watch it!  It was filmed in the 1980s and is really good – regardless of whether or not the “werewolf” creature is portrayed as evil.  😉

Watch all the scenes that have the Wolf Gmork!



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  1. lonewolf123 says:

    Ummmm…. okay, that sounds a little bit stupid?

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    How about i say some movies that are probably better. *final destination 3 *district 9 * paranormal ENTITY (not activity) *the curse of alcatraz * curious george the movie (Dx sarcasm xD) *insidious (its wierd when it gets to the tiptoe thru the tulips part *shudders*) * quarintine 2: terminal *rec 2 * missed call

  3. lonewolf123 says:

    Isnt it wierd that an 11 year old watches so much scary movies!? btw, i did not put any movies with vamps or weres! byaz! – Lonewolf123, the aweshus, funny, annoying, cat hating, claustraphobic, talkitive, dirty blonde, extremely light blue eyed, 11 year old werewolf pup!

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    Cats are dumb.

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  6. morri says:

    actually the book does mention gmork is a were wolf in the city of spooks

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