The power of persistence

Being a werewolf is not without it’s difficulties.

It can be hard, especially for the newly transformed, to navigate the complexities of being a werewolf. Or maybe it’s the complexities of being human that some werewolves find more challenging! In either case, it can be hard.

But persistence is everything. Don’t let others tell you what you can or cannot accomplish as someone “different” from others. Pursue your dreams and desires – whether it’s something as simple as climbing a tree or as intricate as perfecting a pitch-perfect howl, the key to everything is persistence!

Let the spider in the video below be a lesson. Who would believe that a spider could raise his new-found “house” to the elevation of his choice? Surely noone would believe it to be possible. But noone told the spider it was impossible! So he keeps at it because he does not know it can be done.

Let this be a lesson to every werewolf and human – persistence will make any dream a reality!



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