The Real Werewolf Argument

Someone recently left a comment suggesting that we do less arguing on this blog about the truth about werewolves. Without arguments and discussion however, you can’t find the truth, and since alot of us know very little about werewolves, then we can only get to the truth through this type of discussion. Alot of the people that are commenting on the posts here are giving some pretty good information on werewolves – and some of these people do claim in fact to be real werewolves. Whether they are in fact real werewolves or not is left up to you to decide. I will just say that some of them give very convincing arguments and have great insight into the mind of the werewolf…how do they know so much? These are the people we need real information from and we need to read carefully and judge for ourselves whether they are real werewolves and whether the information they provide is accurate and true…. and some of the questions that we’ve been discussing require arguments to get to the ultimate truth…questions such as…
1. do werewolves exist, and if so why do werewolves exist?
2. what goes on in the mind of a werewolf?
3. are werewolves evil or not evil?
4. what happens when a werewolf transforms?
5. what kind of quiz can you take to see if you are a werewolf

The arguments are necessary, and I believe it will ultimately lead to more knowledge on werewolves.



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116 Responses

  1. Quist, E. says:

    It is all spelled out, listen to the lyrics of “Midnight Rider”

  2. kevin says:

    i like yor mums vagina i lick it well hard

  3. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Quist, E.: thats true that thats where its spelled out

  4. Oh great more homework.

    1. Yes we do exist and our purpose is ever-changing. First it was to be the first intelligent being on the planet earth and then it was to be the hounds of heaven. Then it was to protect the earth.

    2. We have different thoughts and personalities just like a human we have different religions and cultures/subcultures and styles.

    3. We are just like humans are we have the ability to choose to be good or evil.

    4. The soul of the wolf inside is released because of the animal instincts. The werewolf changes partly to a wolf but it is not possible to shift fully so the werewolf looks anthropomorphic and the dark power of the full moon powers the body to be twice as strong and have a raging lust and hunger for meat but the light power soothes the dark power halfway. Thus is the complete transformation.

    5. None

  5. Veronica says:

    My email is [email protected] if you have any info on werewolfs please send it to me because I think I’m one and I want to know more so I know for sure

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @Veronica: Your email doesn’t work btw. Consider that a good thing, stops the weirdos from harassing you.
    Just post your questions here and they’ll get answered.

  7. Loki says:

    @kevin WTF!

  8. I need to see real warewolves no fake shit I live in MA I wanna hear howling at night I wanna see a warewolf creeping around hear at night I wann hear warewolf attacks on cnn news.

  9. Alpha says:

    Well then just keep on dreaming

  10. Joshua says:

    Let’s say we have passed our dreams

  11. Joshua says:

    Thank-you your well come

  12. Alpha says:

    You mean welcome and not well come right?

  13. A says:

    I am living with a werewolf in Connecticut (rural). I shit you not. He drools, only eats meat, and is muscular and hairy. His family stays away and he traps people when he needs something.

  14. ArgentineBlood says:

    Super excited to write this!)

    1. Of course, werewolves exist. The exact cause of HOW werewolves exist is not known, but it all started somewhere in asia back when the human was just starting to hunt. A man or woman got infected with what I call ‘The Werewolf Disease’ (TWD) This is the cause of all werewolves. It is highly transmittable, so when this person (The infected man or woman) started biting others and probably having children, they passed TWD to America. Then this werewolves evolved into diferrent breeds. Siberian werewolves are clearly bigger than Italian werewolves, Chinesse werowolves are quite different than Argentine werewolves.

    2. Normal human things such as (In a teenage) homework. However, they also think about werewolf stuff, such as who would be their mate or crush. It all depends on how ‘wolf-like’ the werewolf is, and which season is. Example, spring = having kids with mate/Special care of children… Winter= Mating season…

    3. This is an interesting question… No. werewolves might have bad intentions, but can’t be considered evil. this is the same for human beings.

    4. Once TWD kicks into action, the werewolve’s bodies change. Our bones shift form, our teeth get sharper and our organs also change. Werewolves may learn to control their shifting, and use it on emergency. However, I wouldn’t recommend shifting all the time… from personal experience, it hurts like HELL.

    5. the answer to this is… none! You must have been bitten or been born as one. There can be cases when a werewolf borns without knowing they are one… which are legal problems no one should go through. As for being bitten or born, You would remember it/your parents must be terrible if they didn’t tell you if you’re one.

  15. Tobias Dominey says:

    In my own personal experience,a werewolf is not an anthromorphic creature. I am a genetic werewolf on my dads side and I change into a full wolf every full moon. This might just depend on how you became a werewolf as I don’t know any other werewolves who became one by being bitten or cursed as I don’t know how our family became cursed

  16. Tobias Dominey says:

    Also the transformation happens sometime before midnight as it varies and ends at midnight. For me it all happens at once and is moderately tingly but nothing else as I say I can’t speak for all werewolves as it varies.

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