The Real Werewolf Argument

Someone recently left a comment suggesting that we do less arguing on this blog about the truth about werewolves. Without arguments and discussion however, you can’t find the truth, and since alot of us know very little about werewolves, then we can only get to the truth through this type of discussion. Alot of the people that are commenting on the posts here are giving some pretty good information on werewolves – and some of these people do claim in fact to be real werewolves. Whether they are in fact real werewolves or not is left up to you to decide. I will just say that some of them give very convincing arguments and have great insight into the mind of the werewolf…how do they know so much? These are the people we need real information from and we need to read carefully and judge for ourselves whether they are real werewolves and whether the information they provide is accurate and true…. and some of the questions that we’ve been discussing require arguments to get to the ultimate truth…questions such as…
1. do werewolves exist, and if so why do werewolves exist?
2. what goes on in the mind of a werewolf?
3. are werewolves evil or not evil?
4. what happens when a werewolf transforms?
5. what kind of quiz can you take to see if you are a werewolf

The arguments are necessary, and I believe it will ultimately lead to more knowledge on werewolves.



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116 Responses

  1. acek-open elite says:

    i am glad i found this although i have many to talk to now this is comforting but i urge u have some control because i’m not loving towards the ones who think they are not of an evil nature i have allot of control but that doesnt mean im good how is liking pain in your mind good

  2. spiked wolf says:

    Werewolves are real and i will answer anything about them and they are on this earth because we are just ment to like a “skinwalker”.

    The mind of a werewolf is very hard to explain cause every werewolfs minds are different but we can be sweet,careing,and the strongest mind can give mercy but we can also be a mean, killing animal.

    A werewolf can be evil or good it depends on how strong your soul is.

    When a werewolf transforms the “skinwalker” side makes a desision to turn to a werewolf or a regulur wolf.

    The best quiz to take is a quiz made by werewolfs even if they are hard to find or you can take the quiz of reasearching websites like this.

    I myself am taking the chance of revealing myself of what i truly am…

  3. spiked wolf says:

    In my last message i call humans “skinwalkers” beacause werewolfs are called many cruel things and sometimes “dog brains” this is mainly a small revenge

  4. lost says:

    dont know what to say…….
    who wants to come to my full moon party …..
    love me long time x

  5. skysky says:

    hi um i have a question wat dose a werewolf look like dose it look more like a wolf or more like a human?

  6. fang says:

    Our kind when transformed look like a half wolf half human.

  7. Lycanhope says:

    No we don’t, we look like wolves/whatever creature they shift into. Unless we terminate mid-shift which is harder than it sounds, and no one bothers because there’s no point.

  8. Mr Tall says:

    There is no such thing as a werewolf. For those that claim to be a werewolf, grow up. Do you not realize that a werewolf does not care, mostly, what humans think. This site will take down my post or it won’t even put it up and I am ok with that. I only come on these sites because I am one of the few that does not like blodshed when it is not needed and I am here to just give everyone a fair warning. Let me say it again, stop looking because the only way you are going to find one, is if it wants you to find it.

  9. Lycanhope says:

    @Mr Tall: Starting a post with “There is no such thing as a werewolf” and ending with remarks that contradicts your starting opinion sounds silly, like using past and future tenes in the same sentence. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to suggest that you are/know a werewolf, and if that was the case you would know that despite popular belief, both within and outside shifter conversations, we ARE human, and those who pretend otherwise are delusional and/or confused. (By the way: Is your name inspired by Darren Shan? Just curious, it would be a large coincidence if it was your own original idea.)

  10. Hey! Lycanhope and Mr.Tall [is ur name inspired from darren shan?] lycanhope is rite. if a werewolf wants 2 find u he will find u. & probably kill u! 😀 but [and i know this is a creepy question] where do u live? cause wthey are real. dont go looking for one though. lycanhope, dont forget it. some people are dum, looking for attention, have a boring life or are really confused. but wthey are out there. no they arent magical, just are gifted. i will say no more on this subject. where can u get wolfsbane?

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Thundrtail: Sorry, what? That was… quite confusing. If you’re saying I’m right as in I said werewolves will find and kill you, I never said that, and never will. Yes, asking people where they live is kinda creepy. Also, what shouldn’t I forget? Terrible sentence structuring. Finally wolfsbane? Why do you want to find some, isn’t it poisonous?

  12. X says:

    to Lycanhope as far as wolfsbane only if in direct contact to insides, i know because i was born lycanthrope and have had experience with this along with many other things. Slayers, Vamps, other lycans and even some that have gone rogue so if any one is trying to pretend that they are one this goes for every one here, don’t you don’t know what you are getting yourselves into.

  13. brian spradling says:

    what do you meen yur kind how did yu become one please i need it because my gf dad is going to kill her somtime an i need to become strong to stop it

  14. wolf man 123 says:

    yes theres a way by the light of the moon

  15. Aaron says:

    It’s a curse. Not a blessing. What “X” said is true. You don’t know what you are getting yourself into. It’s never “cool” to be a werewolf…

  16. werewolfgirl 26 says:

    being a werewolf is not a curse .its only a curse if try to shift by voodoo if u try to shift the natral way then its not a curse. with voodo is like selling ur soul to the devil . ifu shift the natural way u can control it u can resiet to kill anything or harm any one with voodoo u cant do that. so yes beging a werewolf can be a curse but then it can not be a curse at the same time.

  17. Observer says:

    @werewolfgirl 26:

    wait, like physical shifting?

  18. human/wolfgirl says:

    @spiked wolf: u one arent u ?i know some

  19. werewolfgirl 26 says:

    yes physical shiftting lol dear spiked wolf thats for me to know andu to find out lol

  20. legoR3C2 says:

    @spiked wolf: Hey I need to know if you know any good werewolf friendly sites, werewolf quizes, I need to be educated about werewolves so I can keep my family safe. Please reply.

  21. legoR3C2 says:

    @Mr Tall: dude do you have any proof that werewolves don’t exist and some times its better to shut up (im not bad mouthing any body or werewolves on the site) and let us have our fun because we dont get on this site for any thing we are on for a reason so get the ^^^^ off the site or shut up. give me a thumbs up if any one agrees.

  22. bamf says:

    Y”all are crazy!!!

  23. bamf says:

    @werewolfgirl 26: i have a question…do u seriously believe tht you are werewolfs?

  24. bamf says:

    hellllooooooo!!!! anyone there!?!?!!

  25. bamf says:

    and im sorry i said u guys were crazy i was wrong to say that…now im just curious as to what you guys are……..again im sorry about my previous comment…

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