The Way of The Wolf – free music download!

The influence that music can have on your life is unmistakable. It can be used to effect your mood, to influence your decisions in life, and as a means for sharing emotions and feelings. One of ILW’s friends, Howard Leon aka The Wolf creates the kind of music that does all of this. His music is a blend of styles including New Age, Progressive Metal, Native American, and Middle Eastern creating sounds that are relaxing, inspirational, and uplifting all in one.

“Too express yourself thru music you must pour your heart and soul into every second of a song”.
~Howard Leon (The Way of the Wolf)

A remarkable thing about his music is that he does it all himself. He plays one instrument at a time, pouring his influence and emotions into each instrument that in the end creates a journey not only for the creator but for the listener as well.

Music can take you back in time, inspire you for the future and help you meditate. Howard Leon’s music seeks to do all of this for the listener and more. His music is without a doubt created with passion driven by the need to express something deep down within the soul of the human. This passion is unmistakable, while listening to the music of Howard Leon you are left feeling inspired because you know that the sound was made with inspiration, love, and dedication to the music.

Listen to Howard Leon’s music. He offers his fans and listeners a free copy of his music called The Way of the Wolf, along with an inspiring image that relaxes the mind and soul. This music is free!

This is the music of Howard Leon AKA The Wolf; The Way of the Wolf.

Please check it out and head over to his site for more information. You can listen to many of his songs, download some, and even view some videos from the production of his music! Awesome stuff…

For more information: The Way of The Wolf – music and downloads and the Official Site.



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24 Responses

  1. Hachina says:

    AWW DOOD-!! AWESOME. (that you got featured in a post. xD)

  2. DAMN MAN YOU ARE REALLY EXCELLING!!! Love Ya Bro…!!! Always know I am here for you if you need anything!! AMAZING that you have your own featured post!

  3. @Hachina: Thank you

    @Zorath “Rayne” Wolf: I love you too brother. Thank you for the compliments.

  4. Aconissa says:

    I love this. Congrats on getting it here!

  5. lee ann says:

    bout time you got a post on here bro i wonder if im in a werewolf movie theyll do a post for me hmmmmmmmmmmmm nah too much work lol not worth it just to get a post XDi already got the one from the poem i wrote….. d u m b poem…

  6. hmmm maybe I’ll write something outstanding and get a page for it..

  7. Dream Catcher says:

    What kinda music do most shifters like to listen to?

  8. Honestly friend, it’s all different. I can speak only for myself. I like almost anything. I listen to gangsta rap, Juggalo, Electronic, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and yes even the music my brother is making. I have different reasons for the different music I listen to. Some help me get into trances. Some has just simle yet hidden messages that not all can discern. Some just really hit home. Some are religious. It really depends on the individual and his/her taste.

  9. sorry wrong email…. my gravatar isn’t up at the above….

  10. Lunar says:

    @Dream Catcher:
    All depends on the shifter.

  11. @Aconissa: Thank you.

    @Dream Catcher: Whatever they feel like listening too :-D, me well I listen too the heaviest of things to the most beautiful of things. Just depends on the day.

  12. Lunar says:

    @Howard Leon AKA The Wolf:
    It is very good music Howard

  13. Kevkas says:

    @Howard Leon AKA The Wolf: very relaxing. enjoyed it

  14. @Kevkas: You can all signup for the mailing list 😀

  15. Kevkas says:

    @Howard Leon AKA The Wolf: i will do so next chance i get

  16. Lunar says:

    Your welcome

  17. anonymous person says:

    i feel cold…… nice!

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