the wererabbit

The wererabbit is not a creature that one hears about too often. But,the creature, while not typical in today’s references to shapeshifters, did have some references in older cultures and stories.

In current legends and myths, references to the wererabbit often center around comedy (like Wallace and Gromit), but there are legend and myths that indicate that the “were-rabbit” was not always such a comedic figure. Looking back in mythology, there are various examples of shapeshifters that were rabbits or hares.  One example is Nanabozho, a figure from ancient Anishinaabe legend. The stories say that Nanabozho was also called “Great Rabbit” or “Hare” since he often appeared in the shape of a rabbit.

Old legends such as the Scottish tale of the supposed witch Isobel Gowdie, also reference stories about witches shapeshifting into the form of rabbits. Other mythologies exist in other parts of the world as well, for example, there exist legends of different gods or goddesses, such as that of the moon goddess Kaltes from the Ugric myths of Siberia. Kaltes was a goddess who shapeshifted and often appeared as a hare.



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2 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    This reminds me of my classmate. My classmate is a wererabbit and she’s also my seatmate too.

  2. JoeLupe says:

    @she wolf seatmate?

    @Buddy hm.. to help improve this websites information I suggest going through and continuously editing your information to make it as accurate as possible. But I must ask a few questions that I would like for you to answer whenever you get the time.

    1: How does one shift into a wererabbit, is it the same as a werewolf?

    2: Can you explain in just a little bit more detail on the wererabbit myths?

    3: Is there wererabbits in today’s society, and if so where would they normally live?

    4: What “abilities” does a wererabbit have that differ it from werewolves?

    5: Can you list 5 distinct and unique things about wererabbits?

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