Dogs are not scared of werewolves in the way that you may think.This is in response to Buddy’s post to the common werewolf myths. Are dogs afraid of werewolves?Yes they are, but, dogs will always try to defend themselves if provoked. If that means that it has to run away it will, if it means that he has to stay and fight a werewolf he will. I am not saying that the dog is stronger or will win a fight (because he wont). I am saying that a dog will be on the defense if it is provoked by a werewolf  and will try to defend himself. Many think the dog will smell the “dominance” of the werewolf and automatically run, this is not true. But he will be chased off by a werewolf if the werewolf chooses to do so. Don’t be fooled, a dog is as much an animal as a werewolf, maybe more! The dog instincts are to defend if he is threatened, he will defend his young, he will defend himself.   

Leave me in peace, I mean no harm.