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Werewolf 967 mentioned that tonight is an unusually huge full moon…they are saying it will be the biggest one of the entire year! For those of you who don’t know, or who might feel more affected by the moon than usual this month there is good reason for this – the January full moon is considered the “Full Wolf Moon” in the Native American Calendar.  The name dates back to United States Native Americans, who gave a particular name to each month’s full moon. The Full Wolf Moon originated because of the hungry howling typically heard by wolf packs in the midwinter month of January.  My suspicion is that no matter where or who you are you will feel the effects of the moon tonight and tomorrow night.

  • February = Full Snow Moon
  • March = Full Worm Moon
  • April = Full Pink Moon
  • May = Full Flower Moon
  • June = Full Strawberry Moon
  • July = Full Black Moon
  • August = Full Sturgeon Moon
  • September = Full Corn Moon
  • October = Full Harvest Moon
  • November = Full Beaver Moon
  • December = Full Cold Moon (or Full Long Nights Moon)

2009 Full Moon Calendar



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27 Responses

  1. Argentus Lupus says:

    I hope the rest of you take advantage of this. The sky is thick with clouds where i am.

  2. sabrefang says:

    Thank you Buddy now I get why I feel compelled to play tonight

  3. sabrefang says:

    It is done balance has been brought where I live anyone else bring balance?

  4. Carly says:

    hi guys! i am ready to jump out of my skin for the flippin moon. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOO! everybody howl real loud at midnight just for me- even if there are clouds

  5. Argentus Lupus says:

    i will roar instead. but it will be difficult.

  6. Sabrefang says:

    I played my flute for you carly

  7. Sabrefang says:

    I will be gone for a bit and maybe I can check up on you guys but I have a mission to fullfill (sort of).

  8. Argentus Lupus says:

    Sabrefang, tell me. Was the weapon a strange looking blade?

  9. Sabrefang says:

    ….it was a 2 handed stick but I don’t know what it is in the spirit realm

  10. Argentus Lupus says:

    did it have any markings on it?

  11. Argentus Lupus says:

    I sense something awry. When did you find that stick?

  12. Sabrefang says:

    nothing noticable but when I touch my left hand freaks out

  13. Sabrefang says:

    a few nights ago I had to take it instead of the demon

  14. Sabrefang says:

    it was during the full moon on sunday morning

  15. Argentus Lupus says:

    What color is it?
    and also is it smooth or rough?

  16. Sabrefang says:

    smooth it was polished and it is brown

  17. Argentus Lupus says:

    What kind of wood?

  18. Argentus Lupus says:

    Hmmm. I would that you take my staff instead:)
    It was cut from a sappling and is strong and light.

  19. Sabrefang says:

    hehe I think it is for me for fighting.

  20. Argentus Lupus says:

    Mortal Kombat! Fatality:P

  21. wolf moon tonight guys! the biggest brightest full moon possibly for the entire year is tonight…

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