There was a Werewolf version of Count Chocula monster breakfast cereal!

Most people are familiar with General Mills line of “monster” breakfast cereals – specifically Count Chocula! Since 1971, the vampire count’s face has emblazoned sugary cereal boxes and beckoned to monster-lovers everywhere. But did you know that General Mills has more than just vampire cereal? Did you know there are other monsters that used to be available for breakfast? The monster cereals are limited to release during the Halloween season, but they do/did exist!

Vampires are of course the most popular, which is why you’re probably very familiar with Count Chocula, but for werewolf lovers, there used to be a werewolf breakfast cereal!! It’s much less known, but did exist – it was called Fruit Brute!!

fruit brute werewolf breakast cerealFruit Brute featured a werewolf on the cereal packaging, and promoted a “fruit flavor” frosted cereal. It was introduced in 1974 but was discontinued in 1982 (not enough werewolf fans?)  Finally, in 2013 – after over 30 years – General Mills announced that it was rereleasing the werewolf breakfast cereal Fruit Brute!! Werewolves made a comeback!!  Sadly, the cereal was discontinued again last year in 2014. 🙁

Along with the rerelease of Fruit Brute, another monster cereal that General Mills brought back briefly was Fruity Yummy Mummy! It was originally introduced in 1987, discontinued in 1992, brough back in 2013, then discontinued again last year in 2014.

This made a total of 5 monster-themed breakfast cereals General Mills has made, the total lineup includes:

  • Vampire:  County Chocula – Introduced in 1971, available during Halloween
  • Werewolf: Fruit Brute – Introduced 1974, discontinued in 1982, reintroduced in 2013, discontinued in 2014
  • Ghost: Boo-Berry – Introduced 1973, available during Halloween
  • Frankenstein: Franken Berry – Introduced 1971, available during Halloween
  • Mummy: Fruity Yummy Mummy – Introduced in 1987, discontinued in 1992, reintroduced in 2013, discontinued in 2014


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