There’s a Vampire Cafe in Tokyo where everything is geared towards the undead, and it’s creepy!

If you’re looking for something interesting to do next time you’re on vacation – specifically if you’re on vacation in Tokyo, check out the Vampire Cafe. The entire restaurant is vampire-themed, with everything from the “host”, to the foods, to the interior being vampire-related. (The food is Italian-French inspired).

To start your dining experience, you enter a dark, red room decked out in a ghastly creepy undead theme – even the menu, which takes the form of a Holy Book, is themed. When you’re ready to order, you ring a bell on your table and a “vampire waiter” appears to serve you.

Some foods like the “evil hot chicken” are served flaming, while others are served in a creepy mysterious manner – like the “Black Death Pasta” that is with a mysterious “black sauce”. Even the desserts are spooky and creepy!

Check out the videos:



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