things every werewolf knows, but sometimes need to be reminded of

Here are 3 things to remember this morning:
1.  Polluted city air can cloud even the most well-adapted werewolf’s mind.  If you’re feeling a little clouded, find a way to get out of the city for a bit and enjoy some time outside away from the urban life.  Yes, werewolves can and do live in the city – but each one -whether consciously or not – sometimes needs the clarity that fresh air can bring…

2.  Not every werewolf is the same.  If you’re trying – and haven’t been able to – howl, shift, or focus…be patient.  Especially with newer werewolves, timelines can be generalized and averaged but they are not a hard and fast rule – remember, they are also unpredictable, and there are many werewolves that fall outside of the “typical” timeline on when things will happen….

3.  If you didn’t get out and see last night’s full moon (and it was a Blue Moon).  Get out tonight!! Although it’s not completely full, it’s power is still strong and will help refresh.



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28 Responses

  1. dirty Al says:

    Your lives are dull and boring and annoying God every time I hear someone talk stupid on this damn website pisses me off Especially when people have negative stuff to say to other people and not really help them it’s just aggravating She wolf you’re okay I don’t mind jail is the other one I hate And the wolf spirit thing I highly doubt it where will s*** is actually real s*** man f*** you why can’t you ever find a real well why because they don’t want to be found there’s a reason why they kill people with cameras trying to record them as a void it at all cost the 2nd ed the damn government finds out that there’s actually a certain area that’s probably go over there and grab it why because they’re a bunch of f****** Fei freaks and they can all kiss my ass

  2. Gabriel says:

    @dirty Al: you my friend are arguing with air. I assure you, anyone talking on here will not be “discovered” because people will think they’re insane. Second, no one would be able to film a shift probably, and if they did it would immediately be called out as fake and good CGI. Third, what does the government have anything to do with us? First off we are already called crazy so most organizations won’t associate. Secondly, if the government wanted to know how we worked we would have been dissected a long time ago. Besides, there’s already rumors of human animal hybrids so why not use those instead of people who need to take years just to physically shift? Please, stop and think about what your going to say before running your mouth off on here, at first I figured it was just how you talked at the time but now it’s just how you talk everytime. Just please, please, please, stop talking unless necessary (replying or asking a question).

  3. unknown says:

    i can already howl and also don’t you werewolves are patient right?

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