Tips for new Shapeshifters

One of the main things to remember for new shapeshifters about to do their first transformation is to relax. Especially if it is an involuntary transformation many things that are potentially unpleasant will start to happen. You must breathe deeply, focus your mind on different parts of your body that are experiencing pain, and relax those muscles. It is best to be in a quiet environment with few outside distractions in order to get into true relaxation mode. It is also beneficial to breathe deeply and slowly.

Once you are relaxed, you must concentrate on yourself. Free your mind from small inconsequential daily things, and focus your mind on what is about to happen, and embrace it. This will make the transformation easier.

Often during a first transformation you will be confused, in pain, unaware of what is about to happen, and scared. However the quicker you figure out what is happening to you and relax and concentrate, the easier time you will have.



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29 Responses

  1. Yes It works finally!!!

  2. alpha female lone wolf says:


  3. lee ann says:

    Do I Know you two? Lets go with heck no. And just for the record you both have the same level of freakness.

  4. alpha female lone wolf says:

    *shakes head* we all have the same amount of Freakness ok lets just go with that.

  5. me? says:

    ahahahahha! Im late again.

  6. llyon says:

    good advice it will help many pups shift and embrace their new gift

  7. Arisu says:

    True stuff llyon

  8. Most importantly, the pups need a mentor, a sensei, to teach them “the way of the werewolves.” They can’t learn on their own.

    • WeebWerewolf says:

      Yeah. I guess you could consider me a pup. I’m ten, so maybe juvenile? I don’t have a mentor or anything, and my parents are human, so I’ve had to deal with being a werewolf on my own.

  9. stormwolf says:

    love this site thank u for the help

  10. Arisu wolfrunner says:

    That’s what we are here for stormwolf.

  11. Silent Strike says:

    Why is Sabrefang removed from the werewolf Elite???!!!

  12. Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I was on punishment. I missed you all. Lol. Did panther come on here while I was gone?

  13. Katrina says:

    I can’t be the only one that really, really, really hates involuntary transforming, right? I mean, it’s all very well WANTING to transform, but when it’s eleven o’clock at night, and you’re settling down to read a good book and completely and utterly minding your own business, that suddenly you feel a kick-in-the-stomach of pain, followed by a sort of electric shock through your spine (and drop the book, loose your page). The next, you can’t remember anything, and find that long-anticipated good book shredded on the ground (which, can I add, belonged to the library, meaning it needs to be paid for!).

    Now, I’m not sure if I physically shifted (which I don’t even believe exists) or mentally shifted (which I suppose is technically possible), but I would like a little bit of information about HOW to stop it happening again before… the full moon? (I don’t study moon phases, you know)

    Thanks in advance.

    • WeebWerewolf says:

      Omg what a waste of a book! I’m glad i haven’t had my first shift yet. Losing your page is the worst, but a destroyed book?

  14. lee ann says:

    Maybe you got struck by lightning from an electrical current that hit the top of your house carrying down through it and absorbing itself into wherever you were. Never know, It could happen

  15. Re-searcha says:

    @Katrina: you may have appendicitis. That might explain the sharp kick-like pain in your stomach, that you felt.

  16. Vyctor j t says:

    I know how you feel when your siting down for a movie and you start to feel a shift start i ended up with a busted tv and a missing dreamcast someone explain to me what a wolf would want with a game system

  17. Vyctor j t says:

    I know how you feel when your siting down for a good game session and you start to feel a shift start i ended up with a busted tv and a missing dreamcast someone explain to me what a wolf would want with a game system

  18. Vyctor j t says:

    No greyr its not cool my parents were super pissed and i had a really hard time convincing my mom my brother broke the tv and that i had no idea what happened to the game

  19. Are there any English wolves/vamps here?

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