To accept the curse or not.

One of the first dilemmas many werewolves face is deciding if they want “the curse” or don’t want “the curse“. I’d like to point out that many who have accepted what they are, do not view being a werewolf as a “curse”, but rather as a gift – and I’d like to address this in a later post. Here I’d like to address those who view it as a curse. The main thoughts behind those who think it a curse is that by them being a werewolf, they are endangering those they love because of the power they are capable of. Some also despise themselves because of the lack of control they may initially experience – they are incapable of controlling or stopping the transformation, the curses continue, so how can they ensure their loved ones will be safe when the transformation happens? Keeping the secret also strains relationships that they have to the point where they become loners the reverse of what they were – and, being a loner in itself is difficult and can take its own toll. Some of course also have their own views of werewolves as evil creatures, and despise themselves for having turned into an evil creature. While I cannot address the resolution of each of these conflicts, because truly it will be specific to the person, I encourage all werewolves who view themselves as cursed to take some time and think about each issue, because until you come to terms with these conflicts – one way or another – you will never find yourself at peace.



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