Too many werewolves at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner – a day everyone looks forward too – but if you’re a werewolf, there are some warnings to heed, and some precautions that you should take.

Specifically, what happens during Thanksgiving that can pose a problem, is that the whole family gathers together – with humans this can sometimes be stressful because you have people gathered that may not necessarily get along – but with werewolves, the problems can take on a whole new level.

When humans gather, they will do their best to stay on their best behavior, but despite that, occasionally with conflicting personalities, family feuds erupt, and tensions can sometimes run high. The host or hostess (who is often the mother of father) will often do their best to smooth things over and make sure the meal is successful with the least possible disruption and strife.

Throwing werewolves into the mix however, can sometimes be a problem – especially, and specifically, if you have more than one werewolf at the Thanksgiving table. Whether they’re male or female, werewolves are dominant…and if you have two werewolves that don’t get along, it may not be as easy as humans that don’t get along. So how can the Thanksgiving meal proceed with the least possible disruption when there is more than one werewolf at the table? There are a few ways the tensions can be resolved:

1. When the werewolves don’t get along, sometimes the only way to come to a temporary peace is to determine who is the alpha among the group; once the battle is settled and the hierarchy is determined, the meal can proceed without too much strife.

2. Another way that tensions can be resolved when there are too many werewolves at the Thanksgiving table is for the werewolves to come together prior to the meal and agree to a temporary truce. Werewolves are creatures of their word, and with a temporary agreement in place for all involved, though they may not like each other, calmness should prevail.

3. Another solution that can sometimes work, is if the conflict or strife between the werewolves is not too severe, merely seating them at opposite ends of the table will work. With minor cases of tension, a few feet of separation is a simple solution that can effectively get them through the meal with minimal problem.

Finally, it is important to note that although all werewolves are dominant, that does not mean that they all don’t get along. Like humans, werewolves are individuals, and not all fit into one mold. There are many werewolves that do get along with each other, and when invited to dine together, will have no problems with the idea or event…in fact, you may find, that the bigger issues will be with the humans that don’t get along with each other.  😉



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  1. Shadow says:

    werewolves can get very upset, so it is best not make them upset. Also you don’t want them to change you into one, and be careful at night.

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