Top 5 reasons people do not believe in werewolves all debunked

1. Where are the cell pictures of the werewolves? Where is the video?!
5 werewolf myths debunkedTime and time again, one of the top reasons given by almost anybody that wants to claim that werewolves do not exist is that there are no true, clear pictures or videos of their existence.  If werewolves exist, particularly in this day and age when almost everyone carries a cellphone capable of photos and videos, then where is the evidence? Why haven’t they yet been “caught on tape”?  The answer is quite simple: just because something has not been caught on video or camera does not mean it doesn’t exist!  For example, the giant squid – a deep-sea dwelling squid rumored to reach 40 – 60 feet in size – was for centuries only a rumor!  Stories and legends of the creature were passed down in folktales and legends by captains and sailors.  It was a myth! Fiction! Then evidence finally surfaced:  photos of the creature were finally taken in 2004.  Eight years later, in 2012, a live adult giant squid was finally filmed in the Pacific Ocean near Japan!  Could the same hold true for werewolves? Absolutely! And remember, werewolves are part human so are alot smarter and more adept at hiding themselves from cameras and videos than a squid would be!

2. Where are the skeletons? How come there aren’t any werewolf corpses?

One of the top reasons scientifically-minded people tend to give for not believing in werewolves is the lack of skeletons and dead werewolf bodies ( or corpses).  If werewolves exist, then there must be something left behind after they die (or so the reasoning goes).  Where are the bodies?  Well, the answer to this mystery is really quite simple – you see the bodies all the time, they just look like humans, not like the “wolf” form of the werewolf!  When most werewolves die (be it from old age or accident), they tend to do so while in human form.  When the body is found, it therefore looks human.  And the skeleton?  Well, it looks human too! Just as it is very difficult to identify a werewolf when alive, it is equally difficult to identify the remains of a werewolf as “werewolf” remains.

3. It’s impossible for a human to transform physically!

This statement is nearly always one that you will hear non-believers of werewolves say.  A human cannot transform into a werewolf!  Before however you are so quick to agree with this statement, let me point out other things that one might naturally think was impossible for a biological creature to do: change skin color – sound impossible right? Could a creature change its skin color from say green to yellow? Sound unlikely? Yet it’s true – look at the chameleon!

Or, what about something else that sounds almost just as impossible – spontaneously changing gender from male to female. Sounds practically impossible, right? Yet clownfish have been known to change gender from male to female.

4. Well, explain this – where does all the thick werewolf hair come from?

Actually, if you look at your body, most people are entirely covered with hair – it’s just lighter and less thick in certain places.  Also, some people have been known to grow thicker hair over their entire bodies – it’s all genetics.  Does it seem that inconceivable that this hair (that’s already there) could just become thicker and darker?

5.  The moon is just a celestial object! It can’t influence living organisms!

In truth, the moon does have a major influence on not only the earth, but also the actions of animals – including people!  For example, the moon plays a roll in the tides of the ocean, so much so that fishermen often look to the phases of the moon as it will effect the actions of fish.  Studies have also shown that pets are at higher risk for injuries during a full moon.  In addition, studies have shown that crime rates increase during the full moon and sleep patterns for humans are affected by the full moon.



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5 Responses

  1. a totally generic name says:

    eh… sorry to disappoint you, but… most of your debunks don’t have valid points.
    but before that,I need to clarify that
    1. Im not saying it as someone who doesn’t believe in werewolves, Im saying it as someone who simply… doesn’t care if they exist. I live in a city. pretty far off from anywhere that is more likely to have werewolves.
    2. this reply might have some bad English. that’s because Im from a non English speaking country. I hope that my English wont make you uncomfortable reading this (for whoever might read this comment).
    and 3. Im not writing this to say “YOU R WRONG UR OPINIONS R WRONG AND U SHOULD KILL YOURSELF ERMEGED U STUPID”. Im just saying that some of your points aren’t good enough to be used as a debunk to the points made by non believers. and if this comment makes you feel bad, I am sorry.
    now, lets start-
    1. while you did use a valid point, ” just because something has not been caught on video or camera does not mean it doesn’t exist! “, your example here doesn’t fit. the giant squid, while true that took some time to get a picture of it, is not the same as the werewolf. why? for the fact that both creatures live in different places. as you said, this squid lives in the deep see. werewolves, as much as I know, live on land. its an important factor, because there more human on land than in the deep sea. in fact, Im certain that most humans, for obvious reasons, live on land. which means, that if there are werewolves, they are more likely to be caught on camera than giant squids. yet, we have a clip of a giant squid, yet non of werewolves.
    2. not even a single werewolf ever died in werewolf form? I would say here that the werewolf transform into a human when it dies, because (I think) that the human form takes less energy. but, ok, I’ll give you this one.
    3. Im more of a chemistry guy myself, but, Im pretty sure that there is a difference between the change of the skin, a single organ, than the change of *all* the organs in the body. I don’t know about the whole transformation process, but, Im gonna guess that at least most of the body changes.
    4. yeah…. genetics can be a pretty good answer. BUT, let me present you with another argument:
    where does the hair go when being transformed back to human?
    5. yes, Im gonna give you this one. of course that the moon affects living things! thanks to its gravity, and the light that it reflects from the sun. although, with werewolves… its more likely that it triggers the transformation rather than causing it. and the whole “its just a celestial object” is kinda bullshit…. the sun, a celestial object, is the thing that gives us the warmth and the ability to stay alive. so yeah…. Im gonna give you this one.

    • JoeLupe says:

      Hey, a totally generic name. I’m JoeLupe here to create some fascinating aruguments to your arguments. As you do have a point here and there, I am going to happily argue with you just for the sake of it. You say that you don’t care if they exist, then why comment on a website conveniently named Ilovewerewolves that can only be accessed via searching on the internet by someone who actually cares? Now, if you want scientific evidence, then here is some logical arguments made by a non-genius child. First of all, just to make a point, I’m not arrogent, nor do I think I know more than you. You seem to have quite a bit of logic behind your arguments. But here we go…
      1: Werewolves being caught on tape. Didn’t they say werewolves are good at hiding it, plus if they live in rural areas with LESS CAMERAS OR POPULATIONS WITH CAMERAS, don’t you think it would be easier for them to hide if they stay away from civilization? (Sorry for grammatical errors, I tried my best). Also, I think you missed the point of them saying werewolves haven’t been caught on tape, and the example of the giant squid. There were LEGENDS and we haven’t seen any until early 2000’s. Just because we haven’t seen any with our dogmatic eyes doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Sometimes, it takes getting off of the couch and social media and taking a hike and researching the surrounding area. We haven’t figured out about the Earth-like planets until we searched for them. It takes believing. And sometimes, time. We have been searching for ages for other planets, and finally found a few. They thought the world was flat until we proved them wrong. People say werewolves don’t exist, until sometime in the future, we will spot them on camera. Maybe now isn’t the right time in this timeline for werewolves to be spotted. Perhaps reality isn’t ready for us to see the truth. It isn’t about seeing is believing, but rather believing is seeing the impossible.
      2: Yes, it most probably takes less energy in Human form, but have you thought that maybe it’s the form we’re used to? We were born in this form, and being in another form can take energy out of you. That is why water and protein are good in a werewolf’s diet
      3: Most of the body changes, huh? Look at the frog and tadpole. They talk about them changing because their genes are being activated and deactivated. It changed completely. What if you already had these genes, or were passed down through some bacteria that send DNA to the cells, and can instantly change or trigger your genetic coding to change because you are picking out which gene that you already had. This may take a while at first, and hurt a lot, but as you get used to switching your genes, it will come naturally to you. Just something to think about.
      4: Hair is made out of Keratin, and so is skin. I’d say The hair retracts into the skin as dead keratin and fall off your body like dead skin cells. Your body can also produce this stuff, as it’s what is in hair, claws, feathers, nails, etc. When shifting, I’d say that triggers a metabolic rate for the Keratin growth to change your fingers into claws, grow hair all over you, teeth (which also contains keratin) with change into wolf teeth.
      5: I may actually agree with you on this one. You said the moon probably triggers the transformation rather than causing it. Earthquakes cause tsunamis. An earthquake happens, effect is tsunami. Werewolf shifting by moon isn’t cause and effect, as the moon stays in a constant state all night. Just like static triggers electricity, and annoyances trigger people, just the same as the moon triggers werewolves. Perhaps not the trigger we feel when offended, but rather the kind of trigger that triggers an event. Like a world war. America didn’t go into a war until Pearl Harbor was bombed. That triggered us as a nation to fight. And we won! 🙂 Anyways, Pearl Harbor’s bombing didn’t cause us to go to war, it triggered a reaction. The moon triggers a reaction in werewolves that cause thm to change.
      Did you enjoy my argument? If so, plz tell me, because I took hours on this. Have a good one! 🙂

  2. TheTitaniunWolf says:

    Don’t question us we are real.

  3. Evaluna says:

    @Titatniumwolf yes i know they are real

  4. victoria says:

    werewolves are real. we just don’t want to be found that’s why there is no proof that we exist. we stay hidden because we are scared about what humans might do if they found us and captured us ,we might be caged up and studied by scientist ,or tortured, or they might kill us then examine us just to find out what makes us a werewolf.

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