american werewolf

Our world in many ways is much the same as being human, but also much different. Most humans living as werewolves (weighted ones) will find themselves torn between the realm of being human and the world of being a weighted one. We will find ourselves intent on becoming connected physically, emotionally, psychologically,   to either one side or the other. But many of us will stay torn between the two worlds. Wanting to become more human in one world and in the other world wanting to become more of a weighted person. Finding the way is essential, finding a connectivity to both sides is just the beginning.

Once the connectivity is there it will be easier to relate to all things you may pass in your path to either side- the human side or the cursed side. No matter which path we choose it seems that most will forever be torn between the two worlds, even the strongest at some point in their life will be challenged to choose a side. It’s up to you to choose the path that will better your life, and the life of others around you.

Werewolves american werewolves live strong lives, sometimes stronger than others. But all have strength and courage.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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68 Responses

  1. Moonscales says:

    Please be safe………………..

  2. Alice says:

    Define safe

  3. Moonscales says:


  4. Alice says:


  5. Moonscales says:

    forgive me…………….

  6. Alice says:

    Of course. Talk to me. I can….might be able to help. I’ve been suicidal many times.

  7. Moonscales says:

    i want to die, that in dying i might feel…..something…..anything……..

  8. Alice says:

    That’s what you think. But dying only eaves you with an eternity of exactly that. Nothing.

  9. Moonscales says:

    the constant pressure, the hole in my own soul………..
    i want this to be real!!!!!!!

  10. Alice says:

    Stop. You are only hurting those around you.

  11. Argentus says:

    It is done……….

  12. Argentus Aureas says:

    dear alice, thankyou for giving me the hope i needed.

  13. helpline says:

    wow u people are saad

  14. helpline says:

    do u peopleactually thinkyou are real werewolfs

  15. Sorrel says:

    what do you think? you are dumb! would we all lie to you? you’re just jealous

  16. Joe Bedard says:

    Helpline, you must be real brave or incredibly stupid. we are werewolves you ass. you must be a logic PERSON. you cant be a werewolf never come here again.

  17. Varloc says:

    Nice. I started a small pack of around 29 in Detroit 3 weeks ago. That’s why I haven’t been on as often.

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