Total Solar Eclipse – Interactive Map and last sightings!

Solar eclipse expected August 21, 2017!

Don’t miss today’s solar eclipse!  Partial solar eclipses happen regularly, but the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE is for some a once in a lifetime event!  Today is a TOTAL solar eclipse! A total solar eclipse is when the moon goes between the sun and the Earth and blocks the sun for up to three hours!

Remember, do not look directly at the eclipse!! Doing so could damage your eyes permanently! You need special viewing glasses to look at it. So, do NOT look up without eye protection.

Not convinced how rare it is?  In the last hundred years, there have been barely over a dozen instances where you would have seen the total solar eclipse in the United States…and even at that, you would have had to be at the right place at the right time!


July 11, 1991 (only in Hawaii)
July 22, 1990 (one of the Aleutian Islands)
February 26, 1979 (only states that could see were WA, OR, ID, MT, and ND)
July 10, 1972 (Northern Alaska only)
March 7, 1970 (eastern US coastline)
July 20, 1963 (Alaska and Maine only)
October 2, 1959 (Massachusetts only)
June 30, 1954 (Northern New England through Michigan)
July 9, 1945 (Idaho and Montana only)
February 4, 1943 (Alaska only)
August 31, 1932 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and part of Massachusetts only)
January 24, 1925 (MN, WI, MI, NY, PA, NJ, CT)
September 10, 1923 (Part of California only)
June 8, 1918 (Washington through Oklahoma)

As for today’s total solar eclipse, a large swath of the United States will get to see the “totality”, making it an extra special event!

Here is an interactive map provided by NASA which will help you find places where you can see the Total Solar Eclipse optimally INTERACTIVE ECLIPSE MAP

Remember, do not look directly at the eclipse!! Doing so could damage your eyes permanently! Get approved eclipse eye protection to safely view the eclipse.




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    I have never heard of a gamma

  2. Moonlight says:

    Is your mate still here?

  3. Blazing Coyote (Alpha of the LAP) says:

    Yeah that tells me all I need to know about that. No need to go further. Now onto this: in your definition what is a pack?

  4. Blazing Coyote (Alpha of the LAP) says:

    Yes she is she’s just doing other things rn she’ll return to ask questions later

  5. Evaluna (luna of the Lunar Apocalypse pack) says:

    a gamma comes after the omega his or her role is to take care of the newborn meaning they have to be there for the female mother who gives birth to the newborn they stay by her side at all times until the pups r old enough to be on their own but its mostly the female who gets the role as a gamma a gamma has many responsibilities but this is one of them

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    I’m good how are you?

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    And what is a pack in your definition. Tell me and I’ll tell you mine. Oh and Evaluna I want you to do that too lol!

  18. Moonlight says:

    I’m not good on ranks. Soooooo I don’t know what that is ethier sorry

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    About the packs though your test isnt over yet. It’s only over when I tell you that you either passed or failed.

  20. Moonlight says:

    In my opinion i believe a pack is like a family. It’s where you can work together with your pack member but also there are ranks. Every wolf has a rank. Depending on your rank it gives you a sertain job. I also believe a pack is where you can be yourself and be what and who you want to be.

  21. Blazing Coyote (Alpha of the LAP) says:

    Wow similar to what I was going to say but sit tight for my Response because it’s going to be massive

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    ello is anyone on?

  23. Blazing Coyote (Alpha of the LAP) says:

    Ok in my opinion a pack is closer than a family. A family can be divided but a pack which can strengthen itself can never be divided. Families can move and forget, but a pack stays together forever. We are but an entity designed for a core purpose. What that purpose is is undecided until the Alpha has a clear goal as to why they created the pack. Not all pack members will get along and you need to accept that. But a pack will be willing to overlook their differences to get a job done. A pack helps teach itself, humbles itself, and maintains a healthy friendship amongst each other. Every wolf has a rank, but every rank no matter how small is worthwhile to the pack. Even the lowest rank is much needed. A pack is not about power, but about being there for each other to pick each other up when you fall. The job of which you have is ultimately chosen by your Alpha, but in my pack it is based on your personality, your hobbies, and your talents. In a pack you can trust and in a pack you can be who you are. You have something on your mind? Go to them. You are in pain, emotional or otherwise? They are there for you to help you go through the darkness of the night. When I ask you if your willing I don’t mean a simple question. It’s a personal question which takes a lot of thinking. Are you really ready? Keep asking yourself why on every reason you come up with and ask why for those answers. Keep going until you have reached an ultimate decision. Are you ready to join my pack? Or are you not?

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