Transylvania is such a well-known place, that for many, it can seem almost mythical and not real, bringing to mind craggy mountains, castles, and superstitions.  It is however a very real place located in central Romania, and is well-known for its beautiful Carpathian mountain ranges, as well as – and most popularly – for being the home of vampires.  This distinction has developed and grown over time, so much so, that many modern day people, if they hear the name “Transylvania” will automatically associate the place with vampires. Perhaps even more famously, there is one specific vampire that everyone knows that is said to call this place home – Dracula.  Today, anyone visiting Transylvania will find remnants of the places that gave this area of the world so much fame.  One such place is Bran Castle – more commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle” – which is considered the home of Dracula himself.

Is there any truth to the tales of vampires in Transylvania?

Well, that is a good question, and local folklore hints at a possible yes.  One important thing to know – and support of this  – is that the vampire – Transylvania connection did not originate with Dracula.  In fact, there were a number of other writings about vampires living in Transylvania, including an 1849 story of vampires by Alexandre Dumas called Les Mille et un Fantomes, and Jules Vernes’ 1892 story entitled The Castle of the Carpathians which included vampires….books which came out well before Bram Stoker’s more famous novel Dracula which came out in 1897.  So there is clearly some belief (and thus possible truth) in vampires that pre-date the famous Dracula stories.

Also, many Romanians and Transylvanians may be quick to say that no, they do not believe in vampires and their culture has no history of them and there is no truth behind tales of them in Transylvania.  But this answer is too quick and should not be judged at face value – because if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that yes, these same people probably do in fact believe in vampires, and that yes, there are in fact tales of vampire beliefs in Transylvania.  It’s just that they do not call them “vampires” – they call them the strigoi (souls rising from the dead) or pricolici (werewolves).  Say one of these words to a Transylvanian and you’ll find recognition – and beliefs – that are strong and go far back in their folklore, legends, and beliefs.



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  1. lightening says:

    hahahahaha. That’s okay.

  2. Kevkas says:

    after the comment you made wrongfully on lunar on another page, i no longer feel you deserve that apology, but taking it back would make me no better than you.

  3. Dream Catcher says:

    such love!!

  4. Kevkas says:

    @Dream Catcher: when you are not busy at work and can take the time to see his attack on lunar, you will see my point

  5. Lunar says:

    I won’t stand up for him again. At any rate, Let it drop already. :/ It’s over with.

  6. Kevkas says:

    im thirsty & these skittles arent helping

  7. Lunar says:

    Well there is your problem. You’re eating something instead of drinking lol
    What kind of skittles?

  8. Lunar says:

    Would be logical

  9. Greyr says:

    boom! hah! XD

  10. Auryn von Mizzenheim; Teiag Omega says:

    Hjeh… little stfupid transyls… They apoparently don’t knbow what a gikft it iss… aside from the fact no computer access…. ddamn theas clawsd.

  11. Ailani says:

    I for some reason have always believed in this stuff. When i can get the chance,I am going to go to Transylvania and ask spiritual people about their beliefs and stories.I am going to go into the Bran Castle and look around.I have been doing some research about this fro sometime now.Thanks for the information.

  12. WereGirl says:

    i don’t care really for this stuff…

  13. she wolf says:

    If you would dig deeper to dracula’s story. He was not actually a vampire. The only thing that he was blamed a vampire was that one of his assistant scientist saw him cleaning the neck of a corpse that it look like much he was sucking blood.

    The scientist was freak out and called him a vampire and that’s what it all started.

  1. October 22, 2011

    […] better known as “Dracula’s Castle“ […]

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