TV Show about werewolves called Howl

Another TV show about werewolves is in the works!  And, unlike Vampire Diaries, or Being Human, this TV show is supposed to really focus on werewolves!  The TV show is going to be called “Howl”.  It’s currently in development between FOX and Dreamworks, and is supposed to be about werewolves at war in Alaska. Sounds like it’s going to be interesting.  But one thing that I’m wondering is doesn’t it seem like a disproportionate number of TV shows and movies about odd things are set in Alaska?  Remember the movie 30 Days of Night?  About Vampires.  Set in Alaska.  The fairly new horror movie The Fourth Kind – also set in Alaska.  It’s interesting.  I’m wondering if humans just don’t realize there are werewolves EVERYWHERE!??  In all places like California, New York, and Florida?!?  (And even other countries too!)  But anyway, Howl does sound like it’s going to be good!



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12 Responses

  1. Fang says:

    im just happy they made a frekin werewolf show istead of another god damn vampire thing,i mean come on its like vampire this vampire that,im sick of us getting second billing,werewolves are so misunderstood

  2. Alice says:

    well even though i am a vampire it would be nice to finally see something that makes humans not so crazy over us lol

  3. me says:

    hehe. true, werewolves are misunderstood. ^^ people nowadays pretend to be a werewolf, others would do anything to become one. but to me, only me(don’t be angry to what i’m going to say^^). if they were born one they would also would do anything to become the opposite! lOL! people nowadays are not contented since there wants are unlimited. ^^(i’m not saying that i do not posses this since i am human) I posses some of these traits but i still look forward like knowing what would happen if i have this then i thought it would only bring a great amount of torture and responsibility(how come?). other people would get jealos of ya and would do anything to surpass you even if it means eliminating you.(shock) ^^

  4. me says:

    zzzz… oh no.. that went out badly darn stupid knowledge and that zodiac sign. ^^(ignore this) eheh.

  5. Jay says:

    It’s a show about our kind, …………….. it’s gonna be awesome. Although I hope it just won’t be mind numbing violence thus pushing the unfair judgment farther.

  6. Jay says:

    oh yeah Alaska is a great place, just watch out for hunters and there dam rifles.

  7. Get a rifle yourself. lol

  8. Ace says:

    Werewolves are the only thing i want to be but that can’t happen… ever.

  9. jo says:

    i believe he too knows like me ^^

  10. loopeen says:

    Still waiting for “Wolf Lake” to be continued.
    But.. ~Sigh~

  11. darkmoonman says:

    Like it or not, Alaska is one of the places with areas remote enough that packs of werewolves could live there and remain unseen. The middle of the Sahara and of the Gobi are too inhospitable, and the Amazon is being all copped down.

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