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Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga is not over yet.  She is releasing another book in the Twilight world called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner about a “Newborn Vampire”.  The story is set in the Twilight world and is from the point of view of a newborn vampire. The newborn vampire Bree is part of the army that is assembled to get rid of Bella and the Cullen family.  The book tells of her vampire world and the events that take place during the buildup to the fearsome confrontation.

The story was originally intended to be a short piece for insertion into the The Twilight Saga:  The Official Guide, but according to Meyer it quickly got out of control and became much longer that she expected it to get. The final result: a full-fledged book!

From June 7th through July 5th Stephanie Meyer will be offering the book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner for free online at Bree Tanner.

This is not the first time Meyer has taken the Twilight world and tried to present it from a different perspective.  She actually started a draft of Twilight rewritten from Edward Cullen’s perspective.  The book was leaked, so Meyer put the whole project on hold.  In order however to curb some of the curiosity and because some of it had already leaked online anyway, she is offering the first chapter of that book free online at Stephanie Meyer.  The book is called Midnight Sun.  I read the first chapter, and whether or not you thought you were done with the Twilight world, it is very interesting to read what happens from Edward’s perspective – you get to see what he is thinking and his rationale behind his actions as he meets Bella for the first time.



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5 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    Umm where did this come form

  2. Lunar says:

    Oh freaking gag me!!!!

  3. Aconissa says:

    Its actually an okay book. I’m a bit sick of the normal characters in Twilight (really just twilight in general) so it was a nice reprieve. It gets more into the mind of the newborns, which creates very visual and interesting reading.
    But Dracula by Bram stoker is forever the best vampire book 😀

  4. Lunar says:

    Hmmm, everyone has their own preference on books I suppose.

  5. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: I dont like it anymore. I was into it a few years ago, because I like romance, but i seriously hate the “werewolves” in it. they are such a joke :S

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