Types of Werewolf Transformations

In truth, there is more than just what you see in movies regarding  werewolf transformations. In fact, there are a few different categories that exist when talking about transformations….most common among them are the M-Shift and the P-Shift.  When discussing these types of shifts, it should be noted that it is not just werewolves that this encompasses, but in fact, they also apply to therians as a group…meaning that, for some therians that are not werewolves, the shifted state is not that of a wolf, but perhaps that of another animal.

What is an M-Shift?

The M-Shift, or mental-shift is a  transformation that happens mentally. In other words, it is not a physical transformation of the body into a wolf, but rather an altered state of mind where the person has transformed mentally, and now thinks and acts and feels like a werewolf / wolf, even having enhanced senses in many cases.  M-shifts can be both voluntary and involuntary.

Although everyone has their own method to accomplish an M-Shift, most commonly, one learns this type of shift through meditation and concentration.  Many people lie or sit down in a quiet place and close their eyes.  They then concentrate on the wolf…envisioning it in their mind’s eye, watching it walk, howl, and be.  They concentrate on this “wolf” and open their spirit and mind, accepting it into their selves.  With practice and time, eventually the shift will take place.  When in the shifted state, the person will no longer “see” the wolf in their mind’s eye, but will rather feel it in their spirit.  They will have a heightened sense of awareness, and often a feeling of clarity in their thinking.  From the outside, people will not necessarily know that the person has shifted, but on the inside, the person will feel like a wolf.  They will see things from a wolf’s perspective, and often may have enhanced senses.  M-Shifts are not permanent and there are no side effects.  Many people are able to accomplish learning this type of shift within a month or two with constant practice.  For others, it can take weeks, months, or even years to learn.

What is a P-Shift?

The other common type of transformation is called the P-Shift, which stands for physical-shift. This is where the body actually physically shifts into werewolf form….this is also commonly called a “shapeshift” and why werewolves are sometimes called “shapeshifters”.  This type of shift is much less common than the M-shift, although it is certainly the most well-known type of shift…when one thinks about werewolves, one always thinks of physical transformations!  Like M-shifts, P-shifts can be both voluntary and involuntary.  The methods with which one can achieve a physical transformation are diverse and surrounded by controversy, as physical transformations are often cited by modern-day science as impossible.

 Are there other types of Shifts?

Yes, there are.  The most common are the P-Shift and the M-Shift, although you will sometimes hear people refer to other types including the S-Shift (which stands for spiritual shift), the Astral Shift, the Aura Shift, and the Dream Shift (just to name a few).



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  1. Werewolf201 says:

    Tell me more about the dream shift and the aura shift and the the spiritual shift and all the others PLZZZ

  2. Cole says:

    I’m a king of a wolf pack.my spiritual mom and dad are the top wolves I’m a king of a pack.my mom and dad own all the packs of the USA and possibly the whole world.I’m spiritually a wolf.I am possibly turning for the first time Jan 11th . My first life was a wolf I was a white one,the spiritual mom was a queen and I bit her and she healed me took away my wolf and made me human and then gave me back my wolf.Um I’m 19 and if I don’t turn soon it’ll be 21 to 26 years of age when I turn

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    I have no freaking idea what your saying

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