Under Armour makes a Werewolf Jacket – does it make you howl!?

Under Armour is trying to take the appeal of the werewolf to lure customers into buying their gear with a product they’re calling a “Werewolf Jacket“!  And I confess, they got me too – I wanted to know what a werewolf jacket was exactly.  Is it a jacket that’s meant to make you look like a werewolf? Well, the answer is no, it’s not.  But it  does have certain features which one might associate with werewolves – hence the name werewolf jacket! So what exactly is it like, and should werewolves have one?  You decide.

The Werewolf Jacket’s features:

#1 It’s an outdoors jacket – Although Under Armour traditionally makes sportswear, the werewolf jacket is a jacket meant more for wearing outdoors than for sports.  (Clearly the association is that werewolves also like to be outdoors!)

Under Armour Infrared Werewolf Jacket

Under Armour Infrared Werewolf Jacket

#2  It repels water – Is this possibly supposed to be reminiscent of werewolf fur?

#3 It’s a “hybrid” – Apparently the idea is that a werewolf is a wolf-human hybrid..so this jacket is also a hybrid – not of two creatures, but of a windproof softshell and lightweight insulation for warmth.

#4  The looks. – No, the jacket does not make the wearer look outright and obviously like a werewolf, but if you look at it, it does have a certain look that possibly the designers made with the werewolf in mind.  Primarily, when worn, the quilted chest almost gives the appearance of strength and muscles – just as a werewolf would have!



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