Universal gearing up to bring Wolf’s Hour to the big screen

A little over a week ago, Deadline.com got an exclusive from Universal Pictures – Universal Pictures is working on bringing a new werewolf movie to film!  The movie in question that’s prepping to come to the big screen is based on the novel The Wolf’s Hour.  It is said the movie will be produced by Chris Morgan (of Fast & Furious 7 fame).

The Wolf’s Hour was a 1989 novel written by Robert McCammon about a Britsh secret agent during World War II.  This secret agent’s secret weapon? He is also a werewolf!  The story follows the spy’s mission and role in the destruction of Hitler, as well as flashing back to how he became a werewolf (he was bitten by one). Fans of the novel are excited about the possible film adaptation and are hoping it will live up to the novel, which has gotten many good reviews from its readers who rave about the story’s originality and uniqueness.

There is no information yet as to when the movie will actually make it to the big screen, or who will star in it.



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