Unsolved Mystery – Wolfman attacks in Defiance Ohio

The sighting of a creature that eventually came to be called the “Wolfman of Defiance” has become a popular legend in Ohio.  The sighting, and related events were documented by local newspapers in August of 1972.

According to news reports, there were at least three separate incidents of townspeople being attacked in the dead of night during the hours of 1:00am – 4:00am.  What made these incidents particularly curious is that the assailant was described to police as someone with “some kind of an animal head.” With this information, local police began searching for what was described as a “wolfman”.  Despite the police investigation, the attacks continued with people calling in their sightings and describing a “wolfman” and something “very hairy” and some even describing it as a “beast”.  One witness claimed they saw fangs.  Most of the sightings described the creature as wearing jeans or dark colored clothing.

There is much speculation over what exactly the creature was.  Many of the eyewitnesses insist that the creature was a werewolf – they described a beast that was clearly not human and somewhat aggressive.  Police however took a more “logical” approach and speculated the attacks and the sightings may have been a local townsperson wearing a mask (the witnesses however do not believe this, some citing the creature even had hairy feet, and was 7 – 9 feet tall).

Although the sightings persisted and police continued their investigation, the creature was never caught and the case was eventually closed.



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16 Responses

  1. lupe Yvonne says:

    Really? you are soooo funny.. 🙂 good joke though!!

  2. Onixe11 says:

    oooo, scary! I wonder if the victims were right.

  3. jeffrey says:

    you people laugh at these stories im here to stand up and say you are very wrong i was on i64 in wv culloden to be exact and it was a rainy night bout 10 at nite going to get my wife from work i see a human type figure on the side of the interstate and rememmber its raining out and very cold i pull to the side of this person well what i thought was a person my back passenger side door is where i had ended up with this person figure at after stopin maybe 3 feet away i role the window down and went to say buddie u ok cuase this figure when i first seen it looked like a man that had been hurt in some sort of way he looked like he was humped over on an interstate and that is what led me to beleive he needed help like i was sayinwhen i turned around to say r u ok this figure looks straight at me and half way stood up eyes that were huge and round in size and a really orange glow to them pupils like ours but bigger and it hands were very skinny and hairless it face was incredibly freaky this thing looked almost sickly k9s overhung the lips short elongated snout ribs that were almost like a skeliton it had very litttle hair almost maingey ears like a german shepards and black black skin it was really weathered lookin now this figure was hunced over and still to the top of the car that brings it to 4ft hunched up so maybe 8 ft total i will never forget the gazeig stare i got from this this almost like it was afraid as much as i was my window was half down when this was happening i got a pic of what i saw i never ever wanted to report it it was afraid like me the pic i have is no bullshit in my car in the rain after dark on the side of i 64 i still to this day no what i saw this beast and i respect it it is out there

  4. moonsstarr says:

    NO one knows all the mysteries of this world: anything is possible. I saw “something” once that one could call a “werewolf”. I’m fully aware this makes me seem crazy or delusional. HOWEVER, I know what I saw, & I had a good friend with me as well.
    Description: My “wolf” isn’t like most. He walked bipedal. His arms were NOT proportionate with his body—rather his arms were too long and lanky. They were too long to be human arms (unless there is a deformity I am unaware of). He had brown fur—thin on his torso but thicker on his head, arms, & legs. The brown was about the color of a brown lunch bag. His ears were FAR too pointed to be human (again: unless deformation). His head/face resembled a real WOLF’S—EXCEPT that his snout was longer, bigger. And again, real wolves do not have such pointy, LONG/tall ears. Let’s see… oh… He was tall. There’s humans his height, even so- he was probably about 6’9 or so. I’m not great with numbers, weight, etc. I could not see his feet due to the tall grass.

    I don’t expect any of you to believe me. And, I KNOW that I’ll get a LOT of ridicule & people making fun of me. BUT—AT LEAST I’M STILL BRAVE enough to tell my story ANY DAMN WAY, right!?! So it’s whatever you want. But I know what I saw—some kind of anomaly, some kind of demon/witchcraft/shape-shifter, mad miracle, or a real cryptic LIVING creature who survives in their SHADOWS …

  5. You’re not crazy Moonsstar and you’re not alone. What you saw is called a “Dogman.” More people than you’ll ever know have seen them, just like you have. Don’t let any nay-sayers get to you.

  6. Moonsstarr says:

    WOW. Thanks Dogman. If u don’t mind: mail me. I’d kinda like to known more from a RELIABLE source. You seem to be just that! [email protected] Hope to hear from you! Thanks again. @Dogman Encounters:

  7. Hi Moonsstar. The email address you left doesn’t work. I tried contacting you.

  8. Pollacal says:

    Dogman moonsstar get ahold of me. [email protected]

  9. Lisa says:

    I believe it

  10. Roberto Miller says:

    It sounds like the Ohio howler, aka Bigfoot

  11. p says:

    Dogmanencounters.com people’s reports with cryptid canines.

  12. RUTH says:

    Werewolves are very real. i lived in Columbus,Ohio , born & raised there Summer 1971 -72, i lived on Woodrow & South 4th St. i went to bed early, about midnight -2am maybe my mom was yelling for me to get up, she said something was outside , i looked , noting , fell back asleep, then she started the cry as in a whisper, fear beyond fear, i got up , looked at her from the top of the stairs , she was trying to say , it was out in the alley. my bedroom window looked right out in the alley, outside the fence , was the metal trashcan. i went to look out , i just stood there , no thoughts , noting , i was froze, mom had came up and was behind me, she said you see it , that brought me back from limbo, ? i am seeing this thing , hunched on in the trashcan , now there was plenty of dogs around , but you did not hear them , before he got there , they picked up and barked ,not stopping until he got close , i rubbed my eyes , i was not seeing this, Then he raised his head up , sniffed and looked right in my window, he was looking at me ,the growl i never want to hear again he stuck his head back in , then stood up and ran on all fours , he was about 7-9 ft , eyes that was blood red , watch the movies in the 80’s or where the werewolf was on the front porch , he talked , that is how this one looked, i was 14-15 yrs old , i wish i could forget , but it was real ,

  13. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @RUTH sorry to sound heartless, but I hardly believe you because your story isn’t even believable. First of all, how could one remember that much from 1972 in such detailed description unless you wrote it in a diary or journal or something. Second of all, if you were that old don’t you think you would have better grammar? 3rd why did you say “Watch the movies in the 80’s” is that where you got your crazy ideas? (Kids these days)

  14. radio masr says:

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