The sighting of a creature that eventually came to be called the “Wolfman of Defiance” has become a popular legend in Ohio.  The sighting, and related events were documented by local newspapers in August of 1972.

According to news reports, there were at least three separate incidents of townspeople being attacked in the dead of night during the hours of 1:00am – 4:00am.  What made these incidents particularly curious is that the assailant was described to police as someone with “some kind of an animal head.” With this information, local police began searching for what was described as a “wolfman”.  Despite the police investigation, the attacks continued with people calling in their sightings and describing a “wolfman” and something “very hairy” and some even describing it as a “beast”.  One witness claimed they saw fangs.  Most of the sightings described the creature as wearing jeans or dark colored clothing.

There is much speculation over what exactly the creature was.  Many of the eyewitnesses insist that the creature was a werewolf – they described a beast that was clearly not human and somewhat aggressive.  Police however took a more “logical” approach and speculated the attacks and the sightings may have been a local townsperson wearing a mask (the witnesses however do not believe this, some citing the creature even had hairy feet, and was 7 – 9 feet tall).

Although the sightings persisted and police continued their investigation, the creature was never caught and the case was eventually closed.