Ustrel Bulgaria Vampire

The Ustrel (Устрел) is a type of vampire from Bulgaria. In Bulgarian folklore, it is said that the ustrel is an evil creature that is cursed with the strong desire to drink blood. Typically it focuses on the blood of cattle.

What does an Ustrel look like?
During the course of its existence, the ustrel will look differently depending on how long it has been alive and how old it is. Early in their lives, they are said to resemble a mutant version of a human, or possibly something similar to a monkey – having no neck, a nose resembling a pig snout, red eyes, and long black nails. This appearance changes over time.

How are Ustrels made?
The Ustrel is said to be the ghost or soul of a child conceived and born on a Saturday but that died before receiving baptism. Nine days after death, in traditional vampire style, the child rises from the grave to suck the blood from its victims. When the Ustrel first comes into existence, it is relatively weak, however each night that it survives and drinks more blood, it becomes stronger and stronger.

How to Avoid the Ustrel:
It is said that the Ustrel attacks only at night, and it is weakest on Saturdays. The Bulgarian vampire hunter called the vampirdzhija has the special ability to see the ustrel and so would be another resource if confronted with this type of vampire. The ustrel can be destroyed by a special fire.



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    so this guy actually runs around killing these things? thats pretty awesome.

  2. It is weakest on Saturday? weird!

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    Sadly Its true. I actually live in Устрел. My grandmother never shuts up about the stories. Now reading this, It makes me want to go ask questions.

  1. May 15, 2014

    […] A vampire hunter must perform a fire ritual to get rid of an ustrel at a crossroads. The ustrel cannot leave the crossroads so it stays there until it is consumed by wolves. […]

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