Does the vampire baby exist?

Traditionally, vampires are created by other vampires – and they typically create other vampires who are adults.  So how would a vampire baby even come into being?  There are 2 possibilities:

1.  The first possibility is that a vampire “turns” a baby into a vampire.  The chances that this would happen are not very high since vampires do not like to turn babies into vampires.  One reason they do not like to do this is because baby vampires really serve no purpose – they are not old enough to walk around and fend for themselves, they cannot help be part of a “vampire army”, and they cannot provide much companionship as they cannot talk.  It does occassionally and very rarely happen however because sometimes vampire women who were turned before they could become mothers long to be mothers, so turn the babies.  Many vampires however consider this against the “rules” and will destroy a vampire baby if it is found.

More common than babies (but still not too common) is that vampires are sometimes more inclined to turn children into vampires.  Many times however the vampire children end up hating their lives – they can never grow old and never be treated as an adult, but their minds keep learning and developing.  They essentially become an old person in a young person’s body.   Anne Rice explored this topic in her novel – and later movie – Interview with the Vampire where the vampire Claudia is a child vampire.

2.  The second possibility is that babies are BORN into being vampire babies.  In other words, a vampire mother gives birth to the baby.  This is virtually impossible because vampires cannot give birth!  The other possibility is that a human mother and a vampire father get together and give birth to a vampire baby.  Another very rare occurrence, as it would be painful and very difficult, but within the realm of possibility!

Vampire Baby Costume

Even though they are rare, humans still think the vampire baby is terrifying. With halloween coming up I would be remiss to not mention that there are in fact vampire baby costumes. The easiest one that seems to have the best halloween effect is the “vampire baby pacifier”. The pacifier has vampire teeth on the outside which make the baby look like it only drinks blood!

vampire baby

the vampire baby halloween costume

vampire baby pacifier

How you can turn your baby into a vampire for halloween - with the vampire pacifier.