Vampire College Courses Spring/Winter 2015

So you want to study vampires in college? Don’t worry, it is possible! A few years ago you could hardly find any college level courses covering creatures like vampires – now however, you’ll find them everywhere, from small colleges to larger universities! Check out your local college or university to find them – chances are they’ll have something! The vampire courses are usually tucked away in the English or History department.

Here’s just a sampling of the vampire college courses available in Spring and Winter of 2015.

Spring 2015
Towson University, Baltimore, MD
TSEM 102.005 Vampires: Blood, Lust and the American Dream
Course focuses on the vampire in popular media starting in the 19th century.

Spring 2015
Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ
(Honors Seminar) Our Vampires, Ourselves: Literature, History, Visual Culture, Science [WCd]
This course focuses on investigating the identity of the vampire, as well as studying why vampires persist, why horror films are fun, and a review of a variety of films.

Spring 2015
Occidental College, Los Angeles, California
CSP 76.From the Undead to the Already Dead: Vampires, Zombies, and Monsters in Literature and Film
The course studies literature and how books/film can “complicate the distinction between the living and the dead, and the human and the inhuman”.

Spring 2015
Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
ENGL19413 Vampire Literature (HM)
This course covers vampires in literature.

Spring 2015
College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
HIST 115-05: Monsters and the Monstrous in the Pre-Modern World
College course covering vampires, werewolves, and other “monsters”, how they changed over time, what makes a monster in different parts of the world, and how historians examine them.

Winter 2015
Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada
HUMN16859G – Living with the Undead: The Construction of the Vampire in Western Culture
A course that covers vampire myth, vampire literature, and vampire films. The course will track the “changing physical and social face of the vampire through 150 years of history.”

Winter 2015
Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
HUMN 4310 The Vampire
This college course covers 19th and 20th century representations of the vampire, as well as the “development of vampire tradition in Eastern and Western myth and legend”.



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