vampire elite

Are Vampires part of the elite?

Werewolves, often seen as animals to humans have yet to make a dominant positive mark in the lives of humans.

Oddly enough, Vampires don’t have many positive aspects to offer humans, yet humans tend to defend the vampire before the werewolf. The vampire thinks itself as part of the elite, rallies against humans, and often will not find alternative ways to feed because of the lack of respect for humans.

Werewolves are different. Werewolves are more concerned for the well being of humans than vampires ever will be. Werewolves, if pushed to take a side will take the human side before the vampire side if forced to make a tough decision. But even still, the werewolf will consider the vampire point of view to determine the well being for both cultures.

Werewolves are creatures of the earth, but humans defend the vampire, when will they see the truth?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  2. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    ok mike, or whoever you are, your not getting any attention here from anyone so your better off just leaving, i mean no one is listening to you, you cant even ‘sound’ convincing, you cant spell to save your life. Your probably just some 11 year old little human child with a large imagination and who’s not getting enough attention at home, so you come to sites like this and try waaayy too hard to be something your not. i have had enough of your b.s. idk about anyone else but i’m sure they are rather annoyed by you..

  3. ok… still, i find this vampier. very fun of posting the same stuff every single day, which reminds me of those people who, lets just say are very fun as much as he is(if ya know what i mean). lol. im the possitive type anyway. 😉

  4. thank you [email protected] for your kind woreds. bye

  5. lee ann says:

    did someone die?

  6. lee ann says:

    not true at all i died

  7. Jo=me(hates Astiah) says:

    aw. at least you dies physically, my soul died and im gonna pay for it.

  8. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    but luckily for me, i wasn’t the soul, so now im containing the thing that killed it and eeeeeehhh its so gross.

  9. lee ann says:

    sucks to be u

  10. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    lol, yep.

  11. lee ann says:

    dude i just made popcorn im so proud of myself

  12. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    lol, good for you then.

  13. lee ann says:

    mmnmmmm where has this stuff been all my life? …. XD

  14. lee ann says:

    omg i melted butter and put it on now its all pooled at the bottom omg its disgusting mmmmmmmm

  15. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    what stuff? and why is this site used as a chat room again? XD

  16. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:


  17. lee ann says:

    it always gets used a a chatroom

  18. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:


  19. lee ann says:

    dun dun dunn

  20. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    lol its still killin me XD

  21. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:


  22. White Fang says:

    Hello. I find it funny how kids come on and say random stuff like that. “I’m a 300 year old vampire” then why visit a site called “ilovewerwolves”????? And I’m talking about those who are first-timers or newbies that come on. Though i know there is some regular vampires. But for the out-of-the-blue ones.

  23. white fang iam a normal vampier its joust i dont wont eneyone at school to no what i’am so i joust wont to be normal even thought iam not is that to mouch tp ask.

  24. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    Kid, you must be like 9 years old, you are not a vampire, you read too many books, or watch too many movies, then probably do one too many hits of acid, and this is where you end up… seriously get a freakin life, there are other sites like this for your imagination to wander.. You wanna know what they call them? ROLE PLAY!!! This is life here on this site, not some fantasy world a few nerds dreamt up over night… OK? so would you kindly shut the hell up and leave this site before anything worse happens to you.. I have seen it before.. too many little kid newbies come here talkin their smack, and then their spirit is gone and the remain an empty shell. So leave for your own good…

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